Mother’s Day is For Everyone


I am staring at this photo of my grandmother in the dining room.

It is dawning on me that Mother’s Day is for everyone and it impacts us all differently.


I miss my mom because we are states apart and I’m used to seeing her on this day.

I miss my  her mother (in photo at top). My grandmother  was gone way too soon at 59 years old. I now fully understand the grief my mother was enduring and wish I had known then as teenager. I couldn’t have grasped it until now.


Today, I watch my kids whisper and giggle about what they have planned for me.


I just want them to know I love being their mom. I really do.

I snap and complain and whine so often.

Do they know how much I love it?

Do they know what an honor it is to be chosen to be their mom?


Does my countenance show them I’m happy in my job?

(My friend Kristen has me thinking about this often. I love her challenge in this blog post.)


For those wanting deeply to be a mom, for those missing their moms – I cannot even begin to imagine the hurt the day brings.

For those that had terrific moms, what a fun chance to stop and realize it’s actually not the norm. Great moms are a gem. Celebrate her with specific encouragement. Write her that note.

For those that had less then you dreamed about, God might be working on forgiveness and acceptance in your heart. Loving and understanding her in a new way. Dialing in other influences that fill the gap. Asking God to show up in this hurt.

For the weary mom. I know it’s hard. I know there’s a place to be real about the journey.

Today, I want to tell you everything I love about it. I am so very grateful. My life isn’t perfect. I am choosing today to list the good, not the bad. I love these angels and I don’t want to be celebrated on Mother’s Day – I want the to know I LOVE BEING THER MOM.

To my sweet girls.

I love your soft skin.

I love the way your tiny hands grip mine so tight.

I love the way you play with my hair.

I love the way you notice when I get “pretty” and light up.

I love how you care for me when I’m sick.

I love to snuggle and would do that for hours.

I love when we are face to face and giggling.

I love when you tell me your fears and joys from the bottom of your heart.

I love your every freckle and toe and hair on your head.

I love your thick hair, glasses, big brown eyes and long legs – Ella.


I love your smile, giggle, blue eyes and bounce – Larson.


I love picking you up and dropping you off.

I love when we connect eyes during a performance.

I love when my heart pounds with proud when I see you across a room.

I love when you talk about Jesus and how you love Him.

I love you how truly adore your grandparents and family.

I love how you squeal and run for daddy every day.

I love how you treat your friends.

I love you how respect your teachers.

I love how you say sorry when you’re wrong.

I love you always and forever because you’re mine. That’s it.

Praying for a HAPPY Mother’s Day for me. I pray I show them how Happy I am to be their momma.

If you lost your mom this past year or know a friend this year – just simply enter your the beautiful MOM’S NAME below. I’ll draw two winners and send you both a set of ABC Scripture Cards and a note a Jesus Calling devotional. Praying for all of you. I don’t need to sell another set of cards – I was just thinking of one tiny way I could encourage you or your friends that are hurting with a fun surprise. I wish I could do it for every single one.

Or honor her by telling us all about her! I’d love to know about your mom.

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  1. my mom Mary Beth died a year and a half ago of cancer at 55, just before my 2nd baby was born. She was a wonderful mother and Christian role model and I miss her tons

    1. thank you alison for sharing with me. praying for you tonight for sure. much love – courtney

  2. To my dad and my mom-in-law with love. Both have lost their moms and feel a little sadness on this day. Also to my mom who taught me to always see God in everyday life. To appreciate sunshine and flowers and to chase rainbows.

  3. My best friend lost her mother about a year ago & decided that this year in honor of her mother they would plant a tree in her honor. For several years her mother was very sick but I remember what a blessing her mother was to the whole family. My mother & I are not as close as I wish but I pray we can get there before it is too late.

  4. Beautiful post!! I lost my Mom 5 years ago, at the same time I was struggling through infertility. I’ve known some hard Mother’s Days and my heart is SO with those who either lost a Mom, or are begging the Lord to become one. But we found out our first IVF miracle was coming on my Mom’s birthday just 4 months after she passed away. Mom died on November 15, and Lindy (named Linda, after my Mom) arrived on November 25, one year later. She has been such a source a healing and joy!! I don’t need Scripture Cards, I JUST got them and they look awesome in our playroom…which is the room we use to go in and out of the house. My goal is to start saying a verse a week every time we go in and out of the house. I love them!! Thank you! So, take me out of the drawing, but just wanted to honor my precious Mom, who very much made me the Mom I am today, even if she’s not here to walk with me…Linda Underwood. 🙂 Thankful for YOU Courtney, and your ministry to Mom’s. Because I walk this road without mine, I probably lean on you and other veteran Mom’s even more!

    1. hey sweet jill! i thought erin was probably talking about you. i am so glad to know more of your story. praying for you. thank you for sharing about beautiful Linda!

  5. Thanks for your sweet post. My precious friend lost her baby this time last year – to a congenitive abnormality – one of the toughest things I’ve ever seen a friend suffer through. She so yearns to be a mom again and this year she is pregnant again, going for a 20 week scan today – the same scan where they discovered the problems last time. She is so anxious and prayerful, it makes me conscious of what a precious gift motherhood is and how fortunate for those of us who came to this place without a struggle. Please say a prayer that all will be well for Eva and her little girl.

  6. Beautiful post. Thank you again for reminding me how lucky I am. I want to make a list like this…I certainly do not tell them enough.
    I have a dear friend that I would like to enter her name for the cards. She is a beautiful & strong woman that I teach with. She struggled for years to have a baby of her own. Her & her mother were both overjoyed when she was blessed with not one, but two babies in less than 3 years. Unfortunately, while carrying her 2nd child, she lost her mother unexpectedly

      1. Thank you Courtney! for everything!! I know she will truly enjoy sharing this gift with her two children.

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