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Three Truths, Every Mom Forgets About Herself

Three Truths Every Mom Forgets About Herself-2

This year, I’ve met the most beautiful moms from Boston to Jacksonville and you ALL share something in common. We all share something in common.

There is one deep burden and feeling that covers most women that sit before me looking up with such brave eyes. When I get up on the stage and look out to these beautiful faces, I can almost taste it and smell it and the room feels heavy. It’s a polite smile covering something so much bigger – and I can see it in many eyeballs staring up at me.

I know it because I feel it in my own heart too. It’s a weight on our shoulders. It’s the place where deep desire meets our deepest insecurities. It’s that place where our hearts feel sad at night – wondering if we are failing at the job.

I get the privilege to speaking to moms and simply reminding you of three truths – that we so often forget about ourselves. You are enough. You were chosen for your kids. You’re a really great mom. Because we are pounded daily with the opposite. That we aren’t enough. That we are failing. That you don’t have what it takes. That our kids deserve a better mom.


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It’s one thing reading those words, but it’s an entire different ball game to believe them. And then to parent from that place.

If those things are true – we relax more.

If those things are true – we trust more.

If those things are true – we compare less.

If those things are true – we perform and strive less.


Do you believe you are a great mom despite your setbacks and failures? Do you believe your kids would be better off would another, more X mom than you? Or do you believe God actually designed you as a match?

I do. And so does Jesus.

You are enough.

I don’t know about you, but I hold myself to a VERY high standard. Often an unattainable standard. I watch my friends, social media and even strangers – and too often let them be a measuring stick. When I need to remember I am enough. I am more than just enough. And way more importantly, I have learned that God is enough. He is more than just enough.

We can love God first, love our husbands and our kids. He might stretch us and call us beyond our comfort zones. He might call us to use our gifts or talents in a brand new area or give/serve in a new and exciting way – but He never intended us to be the moms of every trade. I heard this song at Willow Creek Leadership Summit years ago and it has FOREVER sealed this truth in my heart. I hope it does the same for you.

You were chosen for your kids.

All throughout the Bible, there are stories where people are young and inexperienced (I Chronicles 22:5) like Solomon – but it didn’t matter. God chose them. And that encourages me so much. We don’t have to meet a certain criteria or skill set. He chose us for our kids! We are a match! I don’t feel young, but I certainly do feel inexperienced everyday. I feel comfort in the fact that I was chosen to parent Larson and Ella. No one gets that privilege but me. They need me and I need them. We are a match.


You’re a really great mom

One time, after a silly lighting of the Christmas tree – Ron shared those five words that rocked me to tears. “You’re a really great mom.” I just needed to hear it. I am guessing you need to hear it to. And more than that, you need to believe it. You really are.


Mothers Day Collage - Landscape-2

I am praying that someone reminds you of these truths this week. We so often forget them.

Dads – say it.

Moms – tell your moms and mom-in-laws.

Friends – tell your friends that are moms.

We all need to hear it. More than any card or monogrammable tote.

You are enough.

You were chosen for these kids.

You’re a really great mom.


Repeat it. Believe it. And share it with a mom you know that is doubting it just as much as you. I certainly think you are great.


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