Moving a ship of prideful humans

Here’s one thing we do well in our home – love. My girls know they rock the house. We love, we do experiences, we gift, we praise, we say yes – SO MUCH that there is a downside. There are little people that begin to think the world revolves around them.

Don’t get me wrong – these girls are so stinkin sweet. We also give and serve do many other things – but I see all sides of my kids. We are like every family. In the quest to make them feel secure and loved, I can definitely over-serve them. In the quest to make up for my mistakes, I can over compensate.

This month’s virtue is a very important one to me. It’s called HUMILITY.

As I think about some of my very important role models and leaders – they are humble. They aren’t door mats or whimps – they have a quiet confidence.



Bob Goff

Jeff and Wendy Henderson

Susan Peterson and Cabell Sweeney.

Regina Williams.

Kylie White

Susan and Mark Merrill

The entire Cathy Family.


Each of these people have every reason to be PUFFED like a peacock with pride, but they don’t. They are that awesome. Their wingspan is legit – but they don’t choose to display it all of the time. They choose to point to others and to God every time the light or praise comes their way.


Humility Definition: Giving God and others center stage.

It’s not an overnight thing. We cannot do 4 steps and have humble kids. It often feels like turning a ship, like every virtue.

Here’s a humble tale.

Like most humility examples, they begin with jealousy. Ella had some friends in the talent show at school. She had made the choice NOT to be in the talent show. She wanted to go watch, but I could see the jealousy rising up. She was feeling sad about missing out. OH HOW I RELATE. One scroll through Instagram and I feel “missing out” and “jealousy” almost daily.

I decided we were definitely going once I saw her little head go down. And I told her we were bringing treats. We were going to cheer on her friends. We made handmade big flowers for each friend. And while doing that had a chat about how they would show up for her on many days – but this was her time to sit and watch and cheer. That’s what friendship is about.


In our home, I lean closer to pride and Ron leans closer to humility. I learn so much from watching him. Our God is the most beautiful example of a servant leader. I want our family to find ways to keep giving him the center stage. Giving quietly. Finding ways to do things for the right reason – not for the blog post or for the reward. To find ways to push others up and not ourselves. This road is not easy but is the way. It’s how God intended it.

Chapter 10 is full of ideas and questions for your family to put Humility into action.

Here is one post card you can DOWNLOAD and print. Challenge your kids to cheer on and encourage 5 friends this month.



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  1. Courtney–I loved this post and the downloadable postcard. Our Forever We theme this year is “friendship,” and I can’t wait to introduce these postcards to our little ambassadors at our next meeting. Thanks! And looking forward to seeing you at Allume!

  2. I humbly praise your post! I write blogs and havent had time in while or inspiration, (depending on the day). The way you write about life, love, pride and God blessed me, and so like your daughter I offer you your flowers while you can still smell them!!

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