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I’m getting a lot of these emails asking for book recommendations – so I thought I would put together a favorites list which is going to be SO HARD! Ugh! I love to read. And! I get a lot of books because of what I do.

YOU women and mommas are smart. You need it simple. You have gone on to Amazon and the web and searched for a category and you’ve pulled up the bazillion options. There are so many great options in every category. So, my desire is to give you ONE. If I had to give you ONE in each of these categories. To help make it simple.

Raising Girls

I have read this book two times and Sissy Goff has become a real friend of mine. She has been counseling girls and their parents for more than 20 years in Nashville, TN. I try not to blow up her phone for advice on raising my girls. Her insight into the beautiful mind and hearts of our little women is priceless. Link: Raising Girls 


Raising Boys

David Thomas is the other half professionally (not by marriage) of Sissy Goff. Also a friend. He has been counseling boys for 20 years. His insight into the brain and hearts of boys is simply freeing for parents of boys. Link: Wild Things


How to Love Others/Faith Inspiration

This one I will recommend for many years. If you need to be inspired and motivated to get out there and love and believe God is good – this is your book. This book is great for a book club, for your teens, for your family. For anyone looking to see the secret sauce of Jesus. It’s love. GREAT stories. Not overly preachy at all. So fun. Link: Love Does


Bible Study for Women

“She’s Still There” is coming but I have had the treat of reading ahead of time and being behind the scenes of taping. SO MINISTRY LEADERS and BIBLE STUDY LEADERS – consider this for your Fall study for Women. Chrystal Evans Hurst is the real deal and she has struck something deep with this one. We all have a little girl that feels lost. Either as empty nesters or moms – we kind of lost who we are. And this book helps that. Very motivating – but VERY practical. I love a book that slaps you on the tush and gets you moving to actually CHANGE your life. Link: She’s Still There


Bible Study for Moms

“Mom Set Free” is another coming in the Fall. Jeannie Cunnion is about to deliver the biggest gift to moms – FREEDOM. We’ve been walking around with way too much guilt and pressure and she has nailed it in this book and study. For leaders of any mom group – big and small. Put this on your list. Book ready in August and study from Lifeway in November. You will love it. It’s as soothing, gospel-filled and encouraging as Jeannie. Link: Mom Set Free




I am reading “Are My Kids On Track” one slow with Ron. Highlighting. Thinking about. Going back. Are my kids on track in these certain key areas? Are they resourceful? And why is that important? How are they with their emotions? It is such a thought provoking book. And I don’t feel guilty! It’s just such a great list of what’s important for them to function well as grown kids and into adults and how I can help them with that process. HIGHLY recommend for small groups to read together or couples . Or any parent. Link: Are My Kids on Track


Father/Son Experience (not really a book)

I have LOADS to say about this soon – but I will keep telling you to keep your radar out for Champion Tribes. It’s a digital experience that’s going to blow your minds for fathers/sons. The launch is coming this summer. Get your tribes together and I promise you – it’ll change the lives of your boys. This blessing experience from their dad will be something they never forget. They will learn how to be a champion in life right beside their dad. My old boss at Chick-fil-A and my old pastor are behind the scenes making it the best product possible – so stay patient. It’ll be worth the wait. Age 12 is ideal but 11-15 is great. Link: Champion Tribes


Mother/Daughter Study

I am working on a study – the girl version of Champions – but it’ll be a while. My #1 voice in this area has always been Vicky Courtney. I am loving this book right now and plan to take Ella and her friends through this next year. She has SO MANY that are great for teens and tweens. Link: What About Me?


On Sex & Dating

If you have a teen child or high school or college – you need to get your hands on this one. My precious friend Tracy Levinson had some BOLD and awesome conversations with teens and let you in on them. It will give you a great platform for talking with your teen about some tough topics. Link: Unashamed


On The Talks

I love this couple! Met them recently – but their material is really great. The title says it all. This is all about “talks” with our kids. Not one talk. But reading about it will lower your stress and give you confidence to move forward. I promise it’s not as bad as you think. 🙂 Link: The Talks


On Technology

Just picked up this book and I’m loving it. Several friends are raving about it. I love it because it’s not in the weeds of technology and each app. It’s about putting Technology in it’s proper place in the home. Deciding what role it will play overall in your family. So important. I’m officially challenged to make some changes. Link: Tech Wise Family


On Friendship/Rejection

For the record, you can’t go wrong with anything Lysa TerKeurst writes ever. But this one was definitely my favorite of hers. If you have ever been rejecting on any level. THIS book is something you need to read. Read again. Believe it. Read again. And move forward lighter. It is just wow. Link: Uninvited



Oh comparison. You are a jerk. And Kay Wyma sees it so clearly. She sees how it’s affecting moms and our kids. Her book is powerful. Great for moms to read together. She’s my dear friend here in DFW and the founder of Say Something Show. You’ll just love it. Link: I’m Happy For You Sort of Not Really


When Life Isn’t Going As Planned

If you love a little sci-fi and joke and movie quote tossed into hard times – this is your girl. She is hilarious and has such a fun way of writing. She gets honest about how life isn’t easy or often how we planned. Melanie Dale has become a sweet friend to me and I adore her ability to yell, snort, laugh, cry, cheer and share all the emotions with her readers. You’ll feel heard and understood. Link: It’s Not Fair



Well – this is mine. So dumb to put it on the list but I would recommend it. 🙂 If you have a list of values you want to instill – but you have no idea how to do it. let me help! The book has 12 virtues and then 12 family fun ways you can do that. It’s more about HOW you teach them through fun or experience vs a lecture. Each chapter is super practical and you can read one at a time and skip around. Link: In This House, We Will Giggle



This book has helped me so much during some of the recent years and hard scenes around our country. Benjamin Watson is a friend of mine and NFL player – but most importantly he’s one amazing follower of Christ and husband and father of five. This book is simply amazing. He also has a new one for dads! I haven’t read yet – but knowing his heart for his family – every new dad just probably get it stat. Link: Under Our Skin; Link: New Dads’s Playbook



For any human on the planet who wants to get the heart of service. This woman we can all learn from. One of my lifetime favorites. Link: No Greater Love



Tween Devotionals

My girls love this devotional by Wynter Pitts! It’s done by question. And I don’t know about your girls – but they have A LOT of questions. She also has a new chapter book (Hello Stars!) out with her daughter Alena for girls that is so super cute. Ella hasn’t read yet – but it’s on our list. Link: You’re God’s Girl


Oh my gosh – I could keep going forever! There are so many great things. Don’t forget your Bible. It’s the best book on the list. My friend challenged me to read a Proverbs a day. And there is so much wisdom in that book. Don’t ever forget how he wants to guide you for your family. All of these books are awesome icing on top of a wonderful foundation of God’s truth in your heart.

Happy Reading!


PARDON TYPOS… flying out the door to teacher conferences 🙂

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