My God-Sized Dream



Did you know I really wanted to be a Rockette? Who am I kidding! I STILL want to be a rockette! Author/Speaker, Holley Gerth, asked me to write about my dreams on her blog today and it was such a fulfilling exercise.

Some days I feel I am living a dream that I did not plan at all… and that is the beauty of a God-sized dream.

Go over and check out the story today. Holley is the founder of (in)courage and Squee and has been SO encouraging and supportive of my business and journey. Thank you Holley!

And, if YOU have the tiny little seed of an idea or a dream, please consider her book.


It feels like a GIANT hug or coffee talk with the greatest encourager alive.

It made me feel better about the doubts, insecurities, fears and mistakes I am experiencing along my journey. If you haven’t taken a step or you are knee-deep in your God-sized dream, you will love it.


Thank you to SO many of you from strangers to high school friends that have been encouraging me along the way. It really means a ton. Off to fill orders. Whoah!

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    1. i would totally go! there’s a teacher at my girls’ ballet studio that used to be a rockette and i am totally stalking her. like a crazy dance mom – lingering, watching, waiting – for the moment she needs me to play a role in something amazing.

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