My Life Verse

 Just reflecting today as business opportunities and life gets cluttered.

What are the right things to do? The best things?

Not just the good things.

It’s actually pretty simple.

This is my life verse and my focus.


This is my focus for everything. The top priority.

The filter for how I make decisions, or should be anyway.

Can you read it? Read it aloud and let it sink it.

Matthew 5:14-16

It rocks me a bit everytime.

And it did when I saw it at this conference, and then I’m walking around with it like a big loser while most conference goers have like a notebook.

Don’t mind me… my name is Courtney and I can find a way to “shop” anywhere, anytime!

Thank you very much!

I have it in my office. I love it.

I think I’ll design my whole office around it one day, because I love it that much.

And I also have a minor crush on this chair right now.

Your pleats stopped me in my tracks.

Although, I’m cut off says CFO, big time. He means business.


I got the lamp canvas at this conference from DaySpring.

But you must go directly to the artist site, Emily at Jones Design Company.

This is actually really dumb marketing.

I just keep forwarding you away from me.

To people more talented and way better writers.

Hee hee.

Good thing, this is the focus, not number of blog readers.

Just thought it might encourage you today.

When life gets so overwhelming,

do you have one verse that gets you back on track?


I am hoping I can work with Ella to choose hers soon.

Have it framed asap in her room.

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