My #OneBigTruth

If you didn’t see the original #ONEBIGTRUTH start there. It’s a thought-provoking exercise and so very encouraging to see how God has revealed truth to so many women.

I am Rachel… a contributor here at Lil Light O’ Mine and I’d love to share mine today with you.



Have you ever asked a question and the answer cut you to the bone?


My One Big Truth (of the million I’ve relearned over the last few years) came this past Friday. Our precious school, Legacy Community Academy, was having a worship night where we were able to take communion as a family….a rare thing when you go to large community churches where your kids are in their own environment (which I so appreciate let me add).


We were about to go take the elements and as a family we had a quiet quick discussion and Rod asked the kids what the bread and wine meant to them. They answered and then Rod said to the kids:

Jesus died for us and we remember tonight that we are forgiven. Davis, what does God think of you when you sin?


And as I anxiously awaited for him to say ‘He thinks that is not who I am in HIM and he loves me’ ….Davis actually replied…’He’s mad.’


WHA????…..are you kidding me? This is what I have tried to generationally deprogram from my brain for years and now I have passed it on. DAGGER in my EYE!!!!!!!


So for the past four days, I have examined my words, my actions, my own beliefs. Do I live like He is mad or do I live like I am righteous in His sight and He doesn’t even see the sin?


Do I discipline mad? Do I reflect Jesus or do I reflect what I have tried to deprogram in myself? These questions cut me to the bone and THEY ARE WORTH reflecting on. And HIS GRACE covers me even in the examining. I so desperately want to reflect what I know in my head. Don’t you?


Jesus died on a Roman cross for me to remember the sacrifice and to REMEMBER THAT ALL OF GOD’s ANGER WAS POURED ON HIS SON…..NOT ON ME WHEN I SIN….NOT ON MY KIDS WHEN THEY MAKE TERRIBLE ‘CHOICES’.  I want to reflect that!  He began a good work in us and HE will be faithful to complete it.


So in REMEMBRANCE….I will believe and reflect this ONE BIG TRUTH.


So, instead of..

When I mess up, God is mad.


Let’s rest in…

When I mess up, God sees His Son on the cross and He loves me anyway.

That my friends, is truth


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  1. Rachel-
    This is so precious! Thank you for reminding me of this and allowing me the opportunity to sit in that question-what do I really think? And, I fully plan on doing with with my kids when they get home from school today. So appreciate you and your journey. And, bye you and Rod are so cute together.

  2. OH, I love that truth! One revelation I had two years ago (when my oldest was in 4th grade) was how much anxiety she had. When we got to the bottom of it, most of it stemmed from her not thinking she was ever pleasing God and that she was genuinely bad. That thought process was spilling out into every aspect of her life and the result was intense anxiety. I had to try to figure out where this all came from. We’ve been transforming our minds through scripture and walking in forgiveness and grace. We are a much healthier house today!

  3. Just what I needed to re-visit today! Thank you for your transparency and sensitivity to His Spirit :-)!

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