Nashville, but first #dantheman

Just a fun photo recap and some entertaining details of last week. Or, maybe these things only entertain me.

DotMom is one of my favorite conferences. I have gone the last three years and you should know it’s simply a conference about moms. The name makes you think it’s a blogger thing but it’s just not – if you are a mom, it’s for you.

This was probably NOT the year for me to go – couple things happening, but I wanted to go for a couple reasons.

1) To hang with Jeannie Cunnion and introduce her to some buds. Her books rocks and the more people that know about her – get to know the grace and love of Jesus Christ. Her book has freedom in it for moms. (That’s Jeannie in the middle with author Trillia Newbell – so great to meet her!)


2) To get filled up. I’m no dummie. What is in the heart – pours out of the mouth. I’m about to be speaking and sharing and writing more than ever – and I can’t go in this season empty. DotMom always gets me grounded back to my role as a wife and mom. And spiritually fills my heart up with God’s love and truth.

There was some other things He had planned once I got there – which made it icing on the cake.

Just a few weeks ago – I was invited to tape a show in Atlanta on Ch 57 called Friends & Neighbors. I was thrilled to get this chance to share about the book. AND, you know what? I wanted to get my arms around those Knudsens. So, I invited myself to spend the night with them after taping on my way to Nashville.


When you lost your first husband to cancer – hearing “your husband has cancer” AGAIN is not news you want to hear. Paige has gone from a blogger pal to a dear friend. The day she told me – I have truly never prayed so hard and cried such pain and fear tears for a friend like that. Her daughters are my buds too now. And sometimes the distance just stinks. I needed to get my arms around them.


The precious Madi – wish I was half as cool as this college kid when I was at Auburn. Love her.


Emily is my adopted “little sister” – some of Paige’s buds divided up those girls to specifically love on them during this time. This was ahem at 6 am before she went to school. She’s looking pretty good. Don’t mind me. Love you cutest Parkview Panther cheerleader ever.

The interview was fun – and got me to Atlanta, but what I needed was just a few hours in person with some people I love. To infuse some joy – some laughter – a few pep talks – little whispers of truth. Remind them – He’s got this. You are crazy loved.


And hug #dantheman!


Spoiler alert. He made it through his surgery GREAT this week and there is no sign of cancer in the scans! WOOHOO!! Praise the Lord.

Then, to DOTMOM

I got to Nashville and thought it was Fall. Wrong – sweating my fanny off in my boots.


Jeannie and I with the adorable ladies of 147 Million Orphans. Their bravery and obedience to God breaks me. Their breakout was one of my favorite moments of the trip.

So fun to see familiar faces and friends like the precious Kelly Stamps. Always a treat. (PS – I am not sure if it’s a midlife crisis or if I’m trying to be someone I’m not – but I’m over the same hairdo and trying to curl it. I have no idea what I’m doing.)


On the main stage – it’s hard to describe and detail the notes – but one of my friends described the weekend best.

Last year, I left with a burden for missions.

This year, I am leaving with a burden for my family.

Amen. That is IT. From Angie Smith to Rebekah Lyons to David Thomas to Steve and Debbie Wilson – every ONE of them simply nailed it. Us moms needed to be reminded and challenged. Affirmed in our role and encouraged to simply do it with better with God right beside us.

Jennie Allen was outstanding and I absolutely almost tackled her off the stage when she was done and told her 3 minutes of my story and fears of what’s next and she gave me the sweetest pep talk.

My absolute favorite was being with moms I know and love. When you can just be real and honest and get quiet for a minute. God moves.


And ask tough questions and share and challenge and encourage. It is just good good stuff.

That final dinner with these ladies was so neat. God crawled right up to the table with us and moved.


In the end, it sounded like a lot of this….

  • Don’t miss that. It’s Him.
  • You can do it.
  • You’re so so worthy.
  • That isn’t silly – it’s your calling.
  • Our kids and husbands do deserve our best – and we have what it takes.
  • You are so loved.
  • You’re not failing, you’re just tired. Me too.
  • Cling to Him. Let Him love you.
 I ALMOST forgot! I bought you some books. I always feel a little bad going to these things and not being able to take everyone with me. So, kind of like mom guilt in the airport (when I load up on a pricey toy or candy) – I typically get you some conference loot.


Three winners!
  • Angie Smith – new precious Bible!
  • David Thomas – Wild Things – every boy mom needs this book
  • Restless – Jennie Allen is one of my favorites, bravely calling us to live our purpose

Simply comment below and I’ll draw a winner on Monday.


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  1. Would have loved to have gone to DotMom, but Mississippi State had a home game. Priorities I guess ha! Love those 147 ladies. They are always at the Created For Care adoptive moms conference…so good. Can’t wait to get my hands on your book…just think, soon bloggers are going to be promoting and giving it away! Congrats again!

  2. Hi Courtney! dotMOM was awesome! I loved getting to meet you, Jeannie Cunnion and Trillia Newbell during the Chic-fil-a lunch on Saturday. So glad I’ve found your blog now. Blessings!

  3. I loved dotMom last year and hated that I couldn’t make it work to go this year. But I’ve got my “digital pass” and can’t wait to listen to some of the speakers!

  4. with three boys, I probably NEED Wild Things… especially, since I live with them! I love and appreciate your blog and your heart… thank you!

  5. First – LOVE your hair curled!! Seriously! Second – sounds like a fantastic conference! I’m a few chapters into Jeannie’s book – whoa! So much to take in! I’ll have to consider this conference next year perhaps…Nashville is driving distance for me! 🙂

  6. Boy mom (with a princess in the middle) and boy auntie thinks that middle one sounds cool. (And will probably buy it if the giveaway goes elsewhere!) Glad the conference blessed your heart.

  7. I am walking through a mentally & emotionally draining season of mothering right now & your joy & encouragement are such a blessing. Thank you!

  8. So wish I could have made it to dotMom this year. Great to read your re-cap! I definitely need to get “Wild Things” one way or another. Raising boys is a whole new territory for me. They’re loud, they climb, they tackle, and they have 3x the amount of energy I do!

  9. I’m not failing, I’m just tired. Thanks, Courtney. Really struggling with some things with my older boy at school. Parenting is not fun right now. Home is not our solace, like I want it so badly to be. Its just hard work. I know in my heart we need to deal with the issue now. But oh, how it hurts my feelings for there to be such anger and hard feelings in my home. As a natural encourager, its so foreign to me to pull in all the rope and crack down. But parenting well calls for that during some seasons. Thanks for filling my empty heart this morning. I need to go put in Moms Night Out and fast forward to Trace Adkins pep talk tonight! Love your spirit!

  10. Love reading about your experience at such a wonderful event and enjoy seeing photos of the friends with you that I recognize~War Eagle!! All the books look amazing…Lots of love,

  11. Such a great reminder that our kids our the most important mission! I have a 1 year old boy, whom I love dearly and have the privilege of staying home with, but sometimes I get so tired and worn out I forget that he is the most important “job” I have been given in this life! What a blessing he is to me and my husband!

    PS. Love your hair curled!

  12. Several of my favorite mom bloggers were at this event. It looked and sounded like a wonderful weekend. I pretty sure I need to pick up a copy of the book Wild Things. Being a mommy of two boys raised in a house full of girls, I need all of the wisdom I can get!

  13. Your posts are always an encouragement. I loved your summary. If we could get those eight concepts in our hearts to stay, we would be feeling more like the women Jesus calls us to be. So often, I feel like I’m not loving God enough, and sometimes I have to remember to let go, and let Him love me back! Then I say to myself, but hasn’t He already done enough? Give the poor guy a break! I realize I forget His love is not finite!

  14. okay – so as i was reading your post today i thought to myself what a treat it is for me to have this little gift waiting in my inbox for me. i was annoyed earlier this morning as i tried to read it and people kept interrupting my time but i was needed – after all i am working! but i just had a few minutes to eat my lunch and savor. i felt like i too had a little get away reading about your time at dot.mom. i think i need to sign up and get there quick – knowing god has something for me – something special he needs me to do and trying (sometimes not so patiently) to understand and see what it is. thank you for all you do – i do not think you realize how much you touch and inspire lives. everyday i charge myself to do better, to be better. to walk in excellence regardless of the mediocrity around me! thanx for helping to make me want even more – and love that you love to share your experiences with us! in his love -leslie

  15. Hi Courtney,
    Sounds like it was a great renewing time of fellowship with moms. I would love to send the “boy” book to Clay and his wife Haley for my grandsons. Praying for Dan and all the Knudsens too!

  16. It sounds like an amazing trip. I look forward to always reading your posts! Being a mom of four little children, a wife, and working full time can be a bit draining. I know that He has something great planned for me to do for Him. I would love to read all of those books. I believe they would be very beneficial as to where I’m at right now. Keep inspiring and following Him.

  17. dotMom is definitely on my list of conferences to attend! I love your recap and I love even more that you took the time to go love on that sweet family! You are such an encourager her and sparkler to everyone around you!!!!

  18. I love Paige and have been praying hard for #dantheman too – what a sweet blessing to have such a good report!

    Even though I’m not a mom yet, I’ve always heard such good things about DotMom. I would love to go someday!

    And of course, a book giveaway is ALWAYS an incentive to comment! 😀

  19. i sure love you.
    would you believe i took a WEEK vacay from blog reading, but this precious sweet post was first on my list this morning.
    please know you are loved like crazy
    by me & all my girls
    we think the world of you , as does dantheman
    you’ve been a cheerleader for many…i’m so thankful the knudsen’s were just one of the many you bless

  20. I especially loved reading how your time with momma friends was so life giving and appreciate your example of making that kind of time a priority!

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