Never Forget

 You might have heard about my Larson before. I needed her in my life.

I wrote a post before about how this spirited, strong-willed, crazy fun, pushing-buttons, hysterical piece of work was EXACTLY what this momma needed.

I love being a student of my kids.

I love learning Larson.

I love seeing a “strong will” in a positive light.

It’s called determination.

That kid can conquer a new task in moments.

We had a Larson/Mommy day last weekend,

and this simple moment marked me.

She was in the back seat of the car and out of NOWHERE said,

“Mom, never forget that when I’m at school…

I miss you and I love you.”


I literally almost combusted. My heart!

This is the child that begs to go school. She is in preschool three days a week and she wants five. She tells me often she doesn’t want to be home (ouch). We sort of bump heads a LOT. So, the compliments don’t come often – but when they do, melt city.

What struck me is the “NEVER FORGET.”

I said…

“Well, Larson NEVER FORGET that Mommy loves you too and I always miss you when you’re not with me.”

She beamed.

Oh how wonderful the souls feel

when encouraging words come your way.


She coined a new phrase for our family and we kept it going the rest of the day…

As we walked in the park,

I told Larson…

“NEVER FORGET… God loves you, Larson.”

“NEVER FORGET … God made you!”

“NEVER FORGET… Mommy thinks you are awesome! smart! funny! kind!”

She kept them going with that sweet voice…

“NEVER FORGET… I love trees mom!”

‘NEVER FORGET… I really love Ella.”

“NEVER FORGET… I love daddy.”


You know the “My mommy always said” or “My daddy always said” phrases? I want some of those. My pediatrician recently shared with me that he didn’t have those as a child and it has motivated him to create those truths in his kids hearts. They can be so simple.

I also say “Always and forever, right?” – because after Ella is in trouble – she is crushed. And, I want her to remember no matter what she does or what I do or what has happened – I love her ALWAYS & FOREVER. Just like God does – nothing can separate them from my love or His or their daddy’s.


You might repeat some favorites from your past or make up some new ones along the road.

Your kids might start one like ‘NEVER FORGET….”

Just don’t forget the power of your words.

We can build them up or tear them down every day when we speak.


you are a terrific mom and every day is new.

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