New Easter Traditions


What an unexpected weekend of fun. I love when last-minute celebrations turn to such sweet memories. When things are planned WAY in advance – I have more time to obsess and make them all about the event and less about the people. I like this last-minute approach this year – adding two new traditions to our lineup.

We hosted two events at our house this weekend  – the Good Friday Playdate (rain moved it from the park to my house) and then a brunch for a couple families in our Connect Group.


Moving from Atlanta to Orlando has been a wonderful, bittersweet adjustment which I’ll detail more – later this week. It has caused us to make create our own community – and make them our family. It has pushed me to realize that our family of four is our family – and we can make our own traditions.


It doesn’t take away the sting of missing our extended family. It just makes you realize what you have right in front of you. And that is indeed a blessing. And Easter weekend is a beautiful time to rest in what we have vs what we don’t.


Good Friday Playdate

Let’s start with Good Friday – it was a small crowd but absolutely perfect. Rain messed up the tree plan, but it didn’t stop us.


We made tombs/crosses.



We colored.


We talked about how this is yet another opportunity to GIVE to others.



We stuffed our eggs with money and notes. Inspired by #40acts and a mom I met on Instagram.



I am not sure they retained anything I said – but I know they’ll remember we stopped on Good Friday and celebrated our King.




We worshipped together.



We walked around and discussed some key things about Easter. It was an hour. And most of it was from my house and the dollar store. I will share more in the book of course on how simply you can make life’s most important lessons an experience vs a lecture. And, thanks to Rachel – I believe a new tradition has begun at my house. I love this day.


Easter Brunch

So, when my mom or mother-in-law has been feeding me for 37 years – what does a girl do when Easter is coming? Uh – invite people over and say “bring your own amazing dish.” Right? I love community that is built through connect groups, small groups and bible studies. You just simply “do life” together and that is fun.

(Note: Many of you asked about the cross – this isn’t like a sneaky hook to the book. But I am detailing a lot of it there. Basically, I made a cross. And pinned “sins” to over lent and then changed it to this Easter morning to show new life and the process of forgiveness.)



I enjoyed playing house like a grownup and dusting off my grandmother’s china and many things we used at her house when I was a child. I made an egg casserole and didn’t burn it. Winning.


My sweet friend Carey’s husband – Chad. Showed up with his own griddle, apron and banana pancake recipe. He won.


We all got the rare family photos. These are the Keeneys – one of the single biggest blessings of the “yes” to moving.



And then got invited to a kids performance of Frozen.



Luke played the keyboard from on top of the castle. Committed.



Then a dance party broke out with Eye of the Tiger.



And the dads. This picture owns me.



And moms hit the floor. And we didn’t totally plan our matching outfits – but we did go to the same Kayce Hughes trunk show and sort of fell in love.


And then we went to church for the whole reason. For my favorite chills bumps of the year. To honor the Lord we really believe died on a cross and rose again. For our family, we serve Him. We want the world to know he lives. We are thankful for this grace in our mess. I don’t want his sacrifice to make me self-righteous or worse – unmarked.

I want his sacrifice to impact my heart and how I see others. How I see this one life and how I live it well. How I seek to love well and live authentically. How I forgive quicker and love bigger. Lord, search my heart. Grow me each year. Lead me to the cross. Daily.

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  1. I think we’ve had one Easter with family in our 14 years of marriage…a couple more Christmases/Thanksgivings, but yes- usually trying to find other families with whom to celebrate. It ends up being a nice perk of moving so much. 🙂 Your celebrations look they ran over in the fun and memory categories!

  2. This year we didn’t have any extended family for Easter either. We had a quiet day with our own family. Each holiday looks different for every family. Us moms put so much pressure on ourselves to make the holidays perfect, don’t we? I love your approach of making your community your family! 🙂

    Cooking Up Faith

  3. This is so nice. I think I am drawing a blank this year. My son’s birthday is two days before it, so that throws it a bit, because my focus is to get through his birthday. 🙂 But I think it will be fun. My favorite thing, that my kids love, is resurrection tombs I make out of paper that have candy in them saying the savior is no longer here. They look forward to that every year. Other than that, I don’t know what we are going to do. Maybe celebrate Easter with my Mom as she recovers?

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