NFL Wife and Mom of 4 – Kirsten Watson

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What do I have in common with a NFL Wife and Mom of FOUR precious children under the age of 4? It turns out we have a lot in common. And I believe you’ll find a lot in common with her too. I had the pleasure of interviewing my dear friend a few weeks ago. She loves Jesus. She struggles. She chooses love. She’s a fighter. I am so proud to call you my friend Kirsten Watson.




Her beauty runs deep

I first met the insanely beautiful Kirsten when she accepted an internship at Chick-fil-A headquarters. I knew instantly she was one of the rare “beautiful people” in the world. As stunning as she was in person – the source of her beauty truly radiated from her soul. She was grounded in a deep foundation – a faith in Jesus Christ. She was smart, WOW was she smart. She was humble. She was fearless. She was encouraging and courageous and a risk-taker.


She chose carefully in her mate

While at UGA, she was on the softball team and was involved in FCA. Someone kept mentioning she should meet the football player Benjamin Watson. She wasn’t too motivated until he answered a question one night at FCA, explaining that marriage was like a triangle. God at the top and when you individually seek God that brings you together. Sold! I remember being stunned at their wedding – you could feel their precious bond in Christ. Then there was Ron – scanning the room for UGA players he could hang out with for the night. Ah, dudes.


It’s not a fairytale

Kirsten so candidly explained that life isn’t a fairytale. I assumed being a wife of a football player was pretty sweet ride – and Kirsten opened my eyes to their struggles. Benjamin talks openly about his road and challenges here in this wonderful article. In the last 10 seasons, Benjamin has played for the Patriots, the Browns and now the Saints. They have been married for 8 years and have four kids under four. You better believe that puts some stress on a family. Kirsten moved to New Orleans when her newest son was two weeks old! When I asked her about picking out her house, she laughed and said, “I haven’t picked out a house in 8 years. I let go of control of that.”

I am still so inspired by Kirsten’s dedication to the Lord. She shared,

“It’s me, Benjamin and the Lord. I pray… ‘Lord, you have to lay this out. I don’t know how this is going to look. I know this is going to be stressful. One thing at a time.’ And He is always faithful.”



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We choose to submit

She cracked me up explaining  the early years of marriage – a struggle for two STRONG personalities that both wanted their way. They were both first kids and both admittedly prideful. “Our foundation is in Christ. Marriage is not easy. I can choose every day to be obedient and submissive. We are leaps and bounds different. Our foundation has always been there – but we are more of who God wants us to be.”



Note: In this photo, he is blowing a kiss to his precious wife after a touchdown.  How did he find her in that huge stadium?

Virtues to stand on

I loved asking Kirsten about her intentional teaching with her little ones. She is going to homeschool her four kids and from our offline conversations I know we share a passion for bringing faith to life in the home. I asked her to share her top four virtues that are constant in their home.


2) RESPECT – for mom and dad, each other, babysitter, etc

3) FORGIVENESS – easily see how God forgives us, I have to ask for it all of the time and have them do it for each other

4) PRAYER – we pray all of the time and I love hearing them come ask me to pray for a booboo or a friend, God has it





Benjamin the dad

Yes, he’s playing football and “on” about 6 months out of the year – but Benjamin Watson is her soul mate and Daddy to her four little ones. She was so emotional and had us both crying because on this interview day he actually left for training camp (weeks ago). He’s so involved in their family that being gone in a hotel for weeks is a huge deal for this precious mom. She tearfully shared,

“What he does is not who he is. Our house is a safe place so we don’t talk about it or get caught up in it. I still wash his clothes. He cooks. He bathes the kids. He’s Benjamin – his profession doesn’t define him.”






After this chat, we took a moment to pray together for his time away and in perfect Kirsten style – she took a moment to set it in perspective, “This is a season of life. He’s not coming home for months. It’s OK. I have a sign made to remind me. It says “GRATEFUL FOR THIS DAY”. I want to think of the days that are really good. Things could be really much worse. We say, “Enjoy the journey. I’ll see you in 6 months.”


The exciting part for these two is that they see football as a ministry and they never know what a season will hold. God always reveals the reason they are on that team for that year. She said, “We pray for obedience that we talk when we are supposed to talk and stay quiet when we are supposed to say quiet. What family, what player – it’s so exciting.”



Encourage other wives

There are many athlete wives out there or wives of traveling husbands. How would you like to encourage them – and with a precious teary voice, Kirsten said, “You are not alone! It’s Ok to cry!”


Thank you Kirsten. I will have a different goal in mind this football season (besides rolling my eyes bc it’s on again) – looking for #82 as a reminder to pray for my sweet friends. Grateful for how He is using you in your home and to support your husband so well.


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  1. Wow! We hear so much negative press, so thank you for a different perspective on NFL players and their families.Definitely a reminder that every player has a mom or a wife or a child or someone special in their lives that is holding down the fort and supporting them in some way. And a reminder to pray for them. 🙂

  2. When my husband & I were newlyweds, Ben was our neighbor in Athens. We didn’t see him often, but he immediately struck us as a sweet & kind person. Love learning more about him & his precious family! We’ve always been fans of his, but this post makes me love him even more (& as an Army wife, my heart goes out to Kirsten – doing it alone is hard but also strengthens your marriage like no other)

  3. As a native New Orleanian allow me to 1st say Welcome to our city(ur new home)! How refreshing to hear such a beautiful story of Love, Faith & Endurance! May God continue to Bless Your Union and Family as a whole! You have a wonderful spirit n I’ll be sure to remember your family in my prayer time. God’s Favor is on ur life n HE will continue to do a great work through you. I don’t knw if you’ve found a church home, but you’re welcome to visit mine. Christian faith based “Beacon Light Int’l Baptist Cathedral” 1937 Mirabeau Ave. NOLA 70122.

  4. What a wonderful family! Loved reading about them and their Christian faith and love for each other and their beautiful children.

  5. I’m reading this article at 2:30am. Such a beautiful family. It goes without saying that we need more marriages where God is the head. This article brought tears of joy to my eyes, and I feel blessed to know that I still have a heart and soul that can be touched/moved.

  6. I saw Benjamin on James Robison early this morning and saw it again later.I decided to Google him and found this year jerking story.What is also beautiful is the reorting.

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  8. Kirsten
    Just saw your husband Benjamin on Fox News discussing the Florida shooting. What a great example of what we need more of in our country! Was so impressed with him and his thoughts on what we need to bring our country back to God. Thanks that’s you and your beautiful family for living God’s love out loud!

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