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Off To the Beach



So, three years ago – this crew of girls met at the beach for a “girls” trip. We had little ones. Mostly 3 year olds, 1 year olds and Amber was pregnant. We met through church connections and small group. We were “doing life” in the same season and we were super tight.

If you had told us at this dinner where we would be today. I don’t think we would have believed it.

TODAY, we are meeting up again. At the beach for a girls trip. This is much more than “me time” that some people roll their eyes at. In fact, I do believe it’s extremely healthy for moms to get a break – whether it be a few hours or a night. Whatever works in your scenario.

This group is one that I intentionally move mountains to spend time with. They spur me on. They make me grow. They accept me for who I am. They don’t rip on husbands – they allow you to share and then help you solve. They let you cry about your discipline issues and then brainstorm. They make you laugh so hard you cry.


The ask really tough questions in love. They don’t judge and they don’t keep score. They read their Bibles and do stuff with it. They are who I want to be when I grow older. I will tell my girls to seek out friends like this – lifetimers that make you better people.

It’s a ROYAL PAIN to find sitters and beg for help and organize the pick ups and drop offs (THANK YOU DADs, grandparents, sitters, friends and more).

However, I know my soul and my limits. I know when I need a dose of soul care. I know when the group texts and email aren’t enough. I need these girls in the flesh.

So, I’ll be back in several days with a cup overflowing and tears flowing I’m sure.


Since we met last….

One moved from Atlanta to London and then to Houston with two boys

One adopted two children from Congo to make that four

One adopted one little girl and had a biological little girl six months later

One renovated her house and lived with her parents while having her third child

One moved to Orlando and left her home town of 35 years

One started a business

One went from a girl mom to a boy mom

One went from a boy mom to a girl mom

One suffered loss to pure joy

Many marriages tested and strengthened

Many searched for friends and struck out

Many searched for friends and found some

Many dealt with insecurities


Here’s what didn’t change.

We all need each other.

We all deeply love each other.

We all love Jesus with all our hearts – and want His will above all.

We know we can’t be there for every trial and celebration – but we do our best to support each other through the big ones.

We are raw, authentic and vulnerable and say what needs to be said.

We value friendship and relationships.

We don’t strive for perfection – just growth.


We have a lot to catch up on – so better hit the beach and watch the sun go down.


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  1. How wonderful! Have so much fun! I don’t have a group like this yet. I’m going to start praying that God brings such ladies into my life and helps me reach out a be a friend.

  2. I have a group of friends just like this. What a blessing! We get together once a year. It has been happening now for 8 years. God is good and knows just what we need!

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