One 7 year old, feeding 33 kids for a YEAR


Hi, My name is Campbell Jane. I heard on the radio that a family who lives in Guatemala are poor.  The youngest baby in the family died from hunger.  I felt very sad.  I was thinking up what I could do to save up money.  I am cleaning the house, making beds, making lunches  and praying.  Can you please pray with us too? 
We are setting up a water stand on Saturday.  We are going to sell the water bottles for $1 each.  Will you please give $1 to help me save up.  I am donating all of the money I make because I want to save kids lives. I am working to save $300 for the kids. $300 will feed 11 kids for a year.  Love, Campbell Jane
Hi, This is Lisa (Campbell’s mommy).  Our local Christian radio station (KLTY) has partnered with an organization called, Food for the Poor.  This organization is going into the most remote places of Guatamala and rescuing malnourished children. They are taking them in and breathing life into them through food, water, and the living gospel. Over the last few days, during our morning drive to school KLTY has been playing testimonies of the family’s stories.


They are heartbreaking and have really stirred CJ’s heart to do something. She has brought it up multiple times, is praying for them and is wanting to do something.  The last thing I want to do is ignore this desire. She has come up with the plan to set up on our corner this weekend to sell water bottles.  Then she asked if we could tell everyone. I know that many of you cannot come by on Saturday, so we thought it would be fun to ask all of our friends and family to give $1 towards this.  I am praying that Campbell Jane will be in AWE of how HE provides.

Thank You, Lisa


I saw this sweet girl go by on Facebook and immediately knew this face. She is in Larson’s grade and was one of the FIRST to try Light ‘Em Up acts of kindness at Christmas. This girl gets generosity.  Her heart is so tender.

And I LOVE how her mom jumped on this idea for Food for the Poor. She could’ve easily been too busy or shrugged this off. She noticed that God was pricking CJ’s heart and saw a great opportunity to let God work and bless others through her. Just awesome.


CJ and her mom worked together and started a Go Fund Me page so friends from far away could join her.

In just a day she raised over $400!!!

Sailed right past her goal to feed 11 kids for a year – in ONE DAY.

A 7 year old!!!

The next day, KLTY shared CJ’s story on the show!


Then, Saturday – she had her water stand and the people showed up.

And people brought big CASH for their water.


Her teacher showed up.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 4.59.27 PM


Even a BOY showed up. 🙂



And some of her buddies.



They money was counted and so far… A SEVEN YEAR OLD has raised enough money to feed 33 kids in Guatemala to have food and water for a YEAR. And living water for a lifetime!!!


Does this not make you so pumped? Please share this story of great potential with your kids.

Parents, it takes courage to put our kids out there. I definitely feel more secure when I can control the outcome. When we let them go and trust God – we are taking a risk. They might get hurt, it might not turn out the way we hoped or thought – but He is worth it. Let CJ’s story be an example to us all – we have to to let them go and step out on faith.


This is exactly why I am doing the #SummerToServe project. I want my kids to experience the thrill of serving others. They can listen to God nudge their heart and go for it. Pray and believe.

First and foremost, it’s a fundraising project for CAREforAIDS – but this tiny little booklet is a conversation starter to get your children thinking. How can we make a difference this summer? Right here in our communities? Please consider getting your #SummertoServe booklets for you or a group of friends, classroom or team.


You can order your individual booklet here or bundle of booklets here.

You can support CJ here at her Go Fund Me page.

You can support Food For the Poor directly here.


I LOVE CJ and when God moves through kids!!!! Whoop!!!



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  1. When I hear stories like CJ’s I am doubly blessed because I praise God for people like CJ but also people like her parents who planted the seeds that are now flourishing

  2. you are BEAUTIFUL….you and your precious daughter, God created people like you to help Him, to help others….lets spread your good news and His.
    Food for the Poor is my help as well, I have shared my life with them and they have comforted me with my life as well…with praying

    Love you with all my Heart and Soul.
    God bless,
    Sofia Vokolos-West

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