How one email rocked my world


You all think I’m so strong – or maybe you know me well enough by now. I’m just a little girl inside. I get scared and sad too. I am tough on the outside – full of big ideas and boldness.

And then some days – I just crash like everybody.

I had a crummy day yesterday full of some silly doubt and I don’t do that often – but it felt good just to cry for a while. I let God know how I was feeling. And then called on some trusted friends in my business and let them remind me of all the things I already knew.

This is going to lead to a Light ‘Em Up principle and sweet story… so hang with me…

Here’s what brought me to tears. God knows me. He knows when I’m hurting and what I need. And he had already used my friends to comfort me and my own husband said, “You are the LIGHT of my world. I am so incredibly proud of you.”

And then… God didn’t have to do this, but he sent one of you to light me up. In such specific ways – I cannot tell you. The very next day, one of you sent a LONG email to remind me that one family, one book, one child – it matters. And good grief – it rocked me.

So, I need you to know – this isn’t about me – or needing more emails. This is about how God can be trusted with your heart – even when we are sad for silly reasons. We can trust Him. He will take care of us. Trust that he will bring the people and the things that we need. We can keep our eyes on Him and the people around us.

He knows you.

He loves you.

Let Him do – what only He can do.

Listen to the nudge in your heart – and THAT will be the most anointed and special “light em up” – you can do this season – because you’ll be a messenger. Whether it’s a free starbucks, a note or an email. If He asked you to do it, He’s needing you to pass His love directly to one of his children. Don’t miss the chance to do what this girl did for me. The EXACT things I was doubting – she wrote in this email.

Dear Courtney,
First, I want you to know how much of an inspiration you have been to me and to my family. Last year, around this time, I could feel God tugging at my heart to get back in church and to get my kiddos plugged in. I could feel him talking to me and I wanted to dig deeper into his word and to be a living example of Jesus’ love to my children, my husband, and to others but, I didn’t even know where to begin. 
My first step was to load up the kids, by myself, and to take them to Sunday service. Our pastor spoke the words I needed to hear that service and I know the Holy Spirit was using him to speak directly to me. I went home and searched for a moms group where I could get plugged in and learn more about God’s Word and about being a better example for my kiddos. 
I found Heather MacFadyen’s website, and listened to her podcast. The first episode I listened to was the one she partnered with you on! You were giving away one of your books, In This House We Will Giggle, and I entered to win.
I ended up winning the book and you sent it with a signed note that to this day I still have. That book was exactly the resource I needed at that time in my life and still use today. We giggle more, I yell much less, and we have a happier home. And, I owe that to God, and to you.
As my way of giving back to others, like you did for me, I started doing Light ‘Em Up last year, which is what the podcast with Heather was about. We started very small and only handed out candy canes to people who needed  a pick me up through the holiday season. My daughter, who was only 3,  loved handing them out and would just beam with pure joy. 
This year, my daughter remembered us doing Light ‘Em Up, and was excited to start again this year. We give back year round but there is just something extra special about loving on people right at Christmas time and we truly enjoy blessing others. We actually had an opportunity to light someone up on the very first day of December! 
One of my dearest friends was having a rough start to the week. Her daughter had gotten sick, she had several projects due at the office, and she is heading the Christmas parade float for our church (she is the associate pastor’s wife and leader of our women’s ministry) and I just knew she was tired.
We wanted to bless her and help her during this eventful week so we decided to take care of their dinner on Tuesday! I ordered pizza and delivered it right to her work just in time for her to head home. We just wanted her to have a night to REST and love on her sick kiddo without having to worry with cooking and cleaning. (The image attached is the picture I snapped when delivering. I used one of the free resources you had on your blog.) 
Participating in Light ‘Em Up is such a wonderful way for myself, and my children, to show others the love of Christ and to be an example of goodness left in this crazy world. Again, I am so blessed to have been the winner of that giveaway and I’ve wanted to let you know how much that has meant to me for some time now. 
Blessings to you and your wonderful family. And, again, thank you.

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  1. Oh. My. Stars. I wish we could have coffee and have a long heart to heart cry together!!!! I didn’t realize this email was going to bless you the way it did and I am so relieved I obeyed God when he called on me to write this to you. I’m so glad God was able to use me to speak truth to you and how you’ve inspired me and my family. He’s pretty amazing!!!!!! <3 Blessings to you Courtney.

    1. Oh Alicia!! thank you for following God. For trusting Him. In awe of how each of our faithful choices leads to another. . . and how all those add up to bless a broken world. To fill it with His glory. very, very thankful to be a tiny piece in His great story. Thank you, Courtney and Alicia!!

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