Recently, I had the chance to tell my story the other day on Kelly’s Korner Blog. It was such a moving experience for me to reflect back on God’s work in my life.

You should check out this series over there every Tuesday – neat hearing different testimonies/stories from different women each week..


So, I had an idea…
one big truth


Can you tell your story in two photos?

That is almost impossible. So, don’t feel pressure to pick your favorite truth or the only one – just share #ONEBIGTRUTH. One big truth that God has taught you that you’d love to share.

1. Take the BEFORE photo.


2. Take the AFTER photo.


3. Share it.

Share it somewhere with the tag #ONEBIGTRUTH – and see how good it feels to share God’s goodness with others. Starting now until whenever! If you have a blog, we are doing a LINK UP next Thursday, October 10. Join us. If you don’t blog, just share on anything – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – anywhere.

4. Have fun and get creative!

Use a mirror, your child’s forehead (kidding), sidewalk, anything in your home that will help tell the story of your #ONEBIGTRUTH.


I am a control freak and I am DAILY having to remind myself of this #ONEBIGTRUTH.



All of my contributors are going to share at some point, and we’d love you to join us.

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