You Only Pass This Way Once

I can’t explain it fully – but this was a special Spring Break.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was memorable.

There were fevers, gnats, sibling fights, screaming baby, ear infection, rain, more rain, more gnats. I love that my family has the ability to find the joy. See the good. Think on the good things. Enjoy and embrace what we do have, instead of what we don’t.




There was so much more than annoying gnats and rain.

Family time with my parents, my brother, his wife and his precious baby girl.

(Missed my sister – wasn’t her spring break.)

photo 3-7



Sweet cousin moments.

Playing with my new camera and LOVING my girls at this age.
Remembering Regina’s wise words – we only pass this way once.

Seeing my longtime BFF Erin. 33 years of friendship and we just pick right back up. Love her so much.


Her daughter Cailin is 16 and was my first baby to love. So proud of her.


Watching my kids love their grandparents.


Pony rides. Romeo and Larsy.



Sisters who are obsessed with teal blue.



Sisters who love to jump waves.



Little Tars who isn’t afraid of the ocean anymore. Even when it’s frigid.


Time. Rest.

Pony tails and messy buns.



Sweet sites.
 Grandparent love.
White dresses.
A niece that’s edible.
Happiest dude on the planet. Love my handsome man.
Then, there was truly a divine appointment.
 photo 1-15

The night before this photo, I had received an email about my mentor, Regina, that had me sad and worried. She is so sick – yet so brave and courageous. I was truly wondering and praying about how to get to her. I just wanted to see her. But she lives in Atlanta and I am in Orlando. So, I went to bed.

Next day, I woke up and went to a shopping area with the family – and guess who we ran into?


Truly, a gift from the Lord. Will never forget it.

My best gift of Spring Break was a PERSON.

Not a place. Not a thing. Not a souvenir.

Hugging and praying with someone I love so so much.

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  1. Court-
    Loved this. It reminds me of something a mentor prayed over me last week. For the Lords Shalom-safety, tranquility, rest, harmony & well-being. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. wow, wow, wow! thank you for today’s post. i always love your posts but this just hit my heart hard! found out a friend from high school passed away suddenly wednesday -while i don’t see her or talk to her often – i have been thinking and praying about living my life to the fullest as we know that each day is indeed a gift. i also went to see/hear joel osteen last saturday and the words from his sermon are ingrained in my brain – “unexpected sunshine” –
    what you received on your break was god’s “unexpected sunshine”! what a blessing – i know it made your heart happy – mine is happy for you!

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