Our Christmas Greeting

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Hey friends.

I almost said NO CARDS this year…. I really did. And, then Jennifer at Tales of a Peanut said “Let me design them!” And I was back in the Christmas card game.

I’m so thankful she offered because it allowed me to stop and thank about what I could “say” through my card this year.

Seriously? A bed in the woods? 

I did NOT pay someone to drag a bed outside for my Christmas card. Swear. I asked my precious friend Alea Moore and creative brain to do my publicity photos for my upcoming book In This House, We Will Giggle and she came up with a great setting. Yes, a house in the woods.

I was grateful that the timing worked out to use one for Christmas cards.

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I cringed a little to use them for cards because the bar seems to keep getting higher and higher – what happened to the good ole days of a snapshot and a quick note of “merry christmas”? Whether you went fancy or Costco or no card or ecard or music video (SO CUTE!)… I think your friends and family LOVED seeing your cute faces. And feeling appreciated and remembered by you in some way. No matter what font or style or photo or outfit you chose.



Thank you Tales of a Peanut for my cute card  – see her other Etsy store offerings here!

Thank you Betsy for my fun stamp. She’ll have those available again after first of year.


This year, I wanted to write more than “Merry Christmas” and say what I was really feeling.

We are grateful.

Truly grateful. I am surrounded by people at every turn that pour in my life and I wanted to attempt to let them know. Somehow when 200 letters personally isn’t possible. Our family did pray around our stack of cards as we promised in the note.

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Blessings to you and your family this Christmas.

I am absolutely grateful for each of you.

I wish I had enough cards and stamps to send each of you one. When we prayed, I prayed for this community. You are included. Every email, comment and note you send means more than you know.

We are in this journey of motherhood together. I am a better mom because of you.

Let’s let our lights shine so bright in 2014 and build each other up. Let’s celebrate the good and pick each other up in the bad and enjoy the mess. Let’s not strive for perfection and cling to the one true God. Let’s give ourselves grace and our kids even more. Let’s see each other the way the creator sees us.

You are amazing and I believe in you.

Much love, Courtney

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  1. Court-
    Love this sweet note to your readers and of course I just smiled ear to eat when I read your note. I love this let our lights shine in 2014! We can and we will together. Fight for each other and our families and our hearts. You are a gem!

  2. I love your note- so sincere and full of love! On a different note, CFA let me down for the first time…no peppermint milkshakes the day after Christmas! boo!

  3. This post makes me happy for so many reasons. That note…brought me to TEARS! Can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for one of my favorite families of all time!

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