Our Minds are Most Powerful


Just in case you were thinking I was perfect… how about this embarrassing tale?

I went to the most awesome baptism class last night with Ella. I LOVE Summit Church. They made the gospel come alive and so bite-size for her last night in their “Why Believe” class. Incredible.

Anyway… as she pranced to the car with her new Jesus Storybook Bible and said,

“You know Sydney reads her Bible every morning.”

I said, “Well that is so awesome. You can too! I do.”

Her face looked like she spied a liar and said, “When?”

I laughed and said, “After you are at school.”

Then she said, “Well I was home in the summer.”

And the car fell silent.

I mean really – did I just get called out on my quiet times by my 7-year-old?


So, God woke me up at 5 am this morning wide awake and I took out my Bible. And decided this would be the best place to start this morning to prepare for my blog post and for my prep for tonight’s few words at Barnes N Noble.

Are you a worrier or a thinker like me?

There is Ebola. The end times feel closer than ever. Our kids are facing rough stuff. My friend’s parents are dying, right now. Kids are getting sick. Marriages are crumbling.


I know I appear to be all unicorns and skittles over here – but I am not immune to the sadness and worry of life. I don’t ever want you to think that I don’t get taken down as well. Or, that I would ever diminish your hardships.

This verse gave me such great comfort this morning because honestly my MIND is a very powerful thing. In the midst of one exciting time in my life – if I am not careful I can THINK on the wrong things. The one rude comment, the one bad review, the one person who didn’t share it – vs ALL the good, the noble, the pure, the lovely.


ALL that God has done. All of His TRUTH. All of His promises.



I can’t wait to remind Ella of this verse this morning. She has my crazy creative, wondering, thinking brain. She thinks a lot. Which means worry is a friend of hers. Every strength has a corresponding weakness.

We are going to think on these things. We have so much to praise Him for.

So, I don’t know where you are sitting this morning – in times of uncertainty or pain or plenty or fear. But I pray that God will bring to your mind a few things that will carry you through.

Much love. Courtney


PS – I should do this more often. 🙂 This Bible reading early in the morning is pretty soul filling. Huh!


JeannieCunnion.com – I was able to guest post about “Most Spiritual Mom” award – do you ever wonder if that exists? And compare yourselves to other moms?

KarenEhman.com – My guest post there is one of my favorite stories when I was in Ukraine and fell in LOVE with generosity. And she’s giving away the book!


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  1. oh my – did i need this today! what a morning – woke up at 5 to get myself ready for work before i awoke my princess for school. fast forward 45 minutes – i hear little feet hit the floor but instead of the usual sing songy morning mommi i hear “my nose is bleeding” – and so it was! and it was everywhere. once we go that to calm down cleaned up the mess it was time for breakfast. thought we had dodged the craziness but a quick potty break before heading out brought on a flooding toilet. are you kidding me this morning? where is the camera – this has got to be a joke! actually got that under control and still made it to the bus stop on time – even a moment for funny faces in the mirror, a quick inhaler puff and lots of kisses. i ran back to the house to grab my works stuff and headed right back out. started saying my prayers and stopped at a traffic light – thought this morning could have been such a nightmare but we made it – it’s going to be a great day. i then look down to see the contents of my breakfast, including my yogurt and milk have spilled all over my lunch bag and work bag – had to pull over to try and clean up the mess and save my calendar and some important paper work. i really wanted to cry but started laughing and thought – it could be worse. i was almost afraid to say those words but god! so here i am at work and i open your email and am blessed beyond measure with your note and the awesome scripture you posted! so thank you for helping to turn my day around! we can do ALL things……

  2. Perfect for today. We are on week 3 of the delightful visitor, strep throat, in my house. And to make it more interesting this time, my 5 year old boy has spread it to his nose by biting nails and picking. Yeah, picking. Its real. My old deaf dog has torn his nail completely off and we’ve had the vet wrapping it for a week. Last night was my turn. After using every bit of my limited medical supplies, the wrap was laying by the side of the bed this morning. Sigh. Calgon take me away. My turn to go to work today and the husband is staying home with my honey-do list of washing everything in hot water… again. Lysol is the scent of THIS fall in my home. Hoping the dogs nail doesn’t start bleeding again adding more attractive dots on my carpet. Grocery budget dwindling as new Crest spinbrushes are purchased… again. I keep trying to move my mind-in the grand scheme of things, all this is small potatoes. 1st world problems. No one is dying of Ebola in my home. My kids have access to all the clean, fresh water they can drink. We have antibiotics and probiotics to combat the effects of the antibiotics. We have a home and couch to snuggle little sickies in with warm blankets. We have Tylenol… for everyone. And wine and chocolate. And family. And Purell. Lots and lots of Purell. We are blessed.

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