Over The Hills and To The Mart

If you follow me on Instagram and are thoroughly lost and confused – I am too.

I live in Orlando – but I’ve been in South Carolina with my entire family at the lake since last week enjoying some much needed sibling time and kisses on my niece and nephews.




I left the girls there and cried all the way over every hill to the gate. They were crying. I am not sure what happened. I have left them before. And they ADORE Meese and Pop. They are old enough to say “wait, mom! can you just put our car seats in! we can just come with you! Ella and I had such a sweet moment of hugging and crying big tears in my bathroom. Gosh I love that kid.”

And they have been SO GOOD! So, I wasn’t peeling out. I was enjoying them!


So, I left to come to Atlanta in my rockin rental car.

The ABC Scripture Cards are launching at market this week at the Amerciasmart! Yikes! Eek! Back story here.



Monday, I had the most surreal meeting with the precious Cabell of Cabell’s Designs.



I cannot believe she has invited me into her business with her and Magnolia Lane Collection. I get to partner with her brilliant mind on future projects. We met with sales reps and told them about the new product – ABC Scripture Cards. I got teary over my one round little table in the GIANT showroom.


She got teary thanking the reps for selling her showroom full of stuff. She’s the artist behind all of it – that you see. She still loves what she does. She sits and dreams and paints and then we see it all over the country.

Then, we got teary together praying about the future and what God can do – putting meaningful things in the hands of people that maybe don’t know the Lord. Get those scripture cards in the hands of just the right families and stores. What a lady.

I stayed with my Auburn roomie Kelli – and we giggled and snorted. If you follow Laurie/@lboriginals or Preppy Paper Girl on Instagram – our friend from Auburn. You will honestly die.


We went to pick up some treats for our brunch on Thursday. Thought we were funny. Just read this feed of comments on this photo. There were cameras. Oh good Lord.


Now, I’m off the highway in a Starbucks on my way up to speak at the awesome Grace 251.

What a fun way to see my products in a store and meet one neat lady on fire for God. I said “YES of course – I’d love to share my testimony with a group of ladies in Dalton. I’m there.”


She has the coolest store and the biggest heart.

Note to new stores. My stores that are selling through ABC Scripture Cards the quickest have them hanging like this – so visible for people.


On Thursday – all of the Lil Light O’ Mine contributors and my sweet daughters come together at Katie’s moms house for a brunch to celebrate what God has done.

Please join me on Friday or Saturday if you’ll be at market.

I’ll be on Floor 18 of Building 2 – Darrah Showroom. Magnolia Lane area. Pleased as punch with my tiny, amazing round table of ABC Scripture Cards. In shock that it’s happening. Dreaming of the future of where faith meets the home in a very innovative way. What if…I’m ready to say yes to wherever God leads me.

Or, if you have a favorite store or friend that you know is going to market – tell them to come by and place an order. So, you’ll have them locally and save on shipping. Or, if they aren’t coming. They can just order directly from Magnolia Lane Collection. Minimum order is 6 sets and they will fly through those. Once they order – I can put their name on my site so they get more traffic.


How’s that for a random update… back on the road… with a skinny vanilla latte. Whatcha up to? What’s your favorite coffee splurge?


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  1. I have a friend coming. Can she pick up one box of scripture cards for me, or does it have to be 6?

  2. i am SO JAZZED for you!!!!! i’m not surprised though how the lord keeps opening doors & hooking up relationships for you & LIL LIGHT!! love you & see you tomorrow!!!!! gah!!!

  3. Friend…I just love you…and this story. Thrilled that you are getting the chance to get together with some of your besties today..complete with kids!

    1. Btw… I’m in Kansas City. Although my BFF lives in Marietta… Not sure how close that is to the market. Thanks!

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