10 Reasons I Dig Photos


This blog post was not planned or on the schedule – I went through my photos and had some thoughts on photos.

  1. The amount of photo on my computer and the disorganization of them – might send to the slammer or nut house.
  2. If I’m grumpy or discontent – solution: look through old photos. Blessed. All of us.
  3. If I want to freeze time or start feeling sad about my kids growing, I pull out my camera and pretend I know what I’m doing.
  4. I use a sock for a lens cap.
  5. When mine are in school full-time (like next year – I just got a chest pain of sadness) – I want to take photography lessons. I’ve had that in my mind for years. I LOVE taking photos. I just don’t know how to do it. And I LOVE when I get a good one for someone – especially a mom with her kiddos.
  6. Photos remind me – you’re only going to pass this way once. You’ll want to remember these outfits, these dirty faces. Not just the cutest moments. Capture it.
  7. My memories will fade and so will theirs – what will their albums say about their childhood and home? What memories do I want them to remember? Sneaky but true. Capturing the best and the happy by choice thank you very much. Not just the prettiest dresses but the playing, the adventures, the real life.
  8. Photos etch memories in my heart. I don’t take photos every day, well of course I do on my iPhone (self professed addict) – but my good camera comes out when a moment makes my heart skip a beat. And I don’t want to lose it in my heart.
  9. I love the snaggle tooth phase
  10. I love that Larson has dirty nails every day. Actually I don’t but God knew. I needed her.




Ella – you’re going to be a great mother. I’ve always known it. You were made to the be the first cousin in the bunch.



LOVED having my nephews with us for the week. I learned a lot about boys and I learned I’m a wuss. I bow to you with four kids. And I had my parents here. Laugh away.



I played around with a book cover idea and it lost – but holy crud did I get a winner of a photo for my heart. I love this kid. She makes me jump for joy.



So, Ella joined The Christ School Tennis Team – which basically means they have lessons and get a tshirt but she is feeling major. I don’t even know if they have a match. I just know that opens up an entire category of clothing previously untouchable. Hello tennis skirts.



She did great. I knew she was happy because she was dancing like she had to potty but really it was a total happy dance.



When you’re the second child, you wait a lot. And watch many sister things –  in your purple beads.


And while you are waiting, sometimes you create a new sport. I literally laughed out loud when I watched this display go down in the tennis alley.

Let’s call it Scoollet. Scooter meets Ballet.

That’s a straight up passé for about one block in flops. Don’t try this at home. She’s a freak a nature.


And then the next day you try it again with an extension…

And invite sis… oh, well hey now, plie!

Duh. Easy.

Happy, so happy when the day is done and she can be a kid. Does anyone else think the days of school are way long for these little ones?


This kid. Never stops giving me material for photos and my heart.
Over and out.

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  1. Such grace and sportiness!
    Dear girls, Will you all please give M and C some scoollet lessons? Maybe just start with basic scooter. We still have zero success riding anything with two wheels. We are bringing a new razor all wrapped up.

  2. I’m behind on the blog reading….but this post was just what I needed this morning. Love seeing the faces of your kiddos in everyday life. As for the scoollet….hating that this wasn’t a sport when I was down in Orlando a few months ago. I’m going to have to give that a whirl the next time I’m in town.

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