Pinterest and a Little Girl’s Room

I know, this is really instrumental into growing your kids relationship with Christ.

But somehow I’ll tie it in… 🙂

So, I have a love/hate with that blasted site named Pinterest.

Do you?

I stayed away forever because I just KNEW it would jack with my contentment, wants, and time management.

And it did.

And, then it has some great things, really great things.

Quick ideas, quick inspiration, recipes, clothes and houses… oh my!

And, it has introduced me to thousands of you.

So, I dig it. I really do.

But really – am I going to install a desk into a closet

or a reading knook anytime soon?

Am I setting myself to “dream” on the wrong things, things of this life.

Pinterest, you made me think I could actually decorate and I can’t.

I really can’t.

I have a good eye. I know what I like.

However, I’ve just resolved I need assistance.

I have an amazing decorator friend Libby Greene in Birmingham that I would’ve hired in a second if she was here.

So, Elizabeth Dowdell has graciously been helping me here.

She is awesome.

Here is my one Pinterest project that turned out.

I saw this photo and was in love.


Then, I saw Libby’s son’s room that she did. Yum.


I knew I wanted it for Larson’s room!

So… after a month and some change… TADA!


My goal was the buffalo check curtains and pillows done right and well.

So Liz handled that.

I tried my darndest to save money everywhere else.

I had the walls painted gray (Benjamin Moore Adagio 1593)


(NOTE: Saved money and didn’t order fabulous rod and should’ve. Later. Didn’t want to ruin Liz’s reputation with my Target impatient attempt. And I will promise to get proper pillow inserts and karate chop them asap for you experts. And, I’ve been instructed to raise up the photos. On it. 🙂

Swiped the beds, table and lamp from my mom’s house.

Coverlets from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Later, I’m actually going to make some new silhouettes that actually have

MY OWN CHILDREN in the photos.

Wouldn’t that be a concept. 🙂

For now, because I am SO impatient I got some

half-off frames at Hobby Lobby.

Picked out some scrapbook paper – you need 2 sheets to overlap

(pretend you don’t see the seam).

I hi-jacked some little girl silhouette images of some little girls that look like my Larson and my girls and cut them out on cardstock.

If you want do to the REAL DEAL, search “making silhouettes” on PInterest or web – so many resources on making your own with your kids photos.

And, there are GREAT websites where you can send a photo and they do it for you.

The buffalo check is at Calico Corner right now on sale!

There is pink/white dot fabric that I’m going to get later when I have room in budget again to put as background for silhouettes and cover the bench by her dressing table from my mom’s house.

And, I want to monogram those pillows, what color thread?


I gave my husband a big ole hug this morning because it really is dreamy.

It’s not the source of my joy OF COURSE, but it sure does make me smile to look from Ella’s room through the bathroom (new wallpaper, another obsession thanks to Pinterest, wallpaper!) and see that photo in my head come to life for my little Larson. She can have her sister sleep over or a friend.

She left a nursery in Georgia and has a

“big girl room” in Florida that can grow with her for years.


Some of you can sew and are SUPER CRAFTY and I envy you.

It made me want to get a sewing machine so bad.

I LOVED getting to know Liz and I had total cofidence because she knew excactly what she was doing.

We can’t all afford decorators, heck, I can’t.

Don’t get discouraged. Just take it one step at a time,

spend the money on the ONE thing

that will make the big statement (that’s what I read somewhere from someone that actually knows decorating). 🙂

Or, resolve that none of this matters


and we could feed or adopt more kids in Africa if we didn’t decorate our homes. My head goes there often.

So, back to PInterest.

What shall we do? Do you think it does more harm than good?

Are you the type that doesn’t even go int the mall to tempt yourself?

I’m so torn. It has so many ideas and is a great business tool.

It just feeds some MEAN and EVIL things that us moms get caught up in…

like our friend named coveting, discontentment, etc.

Whatcha think?

Loving or hating Pinterest right about now?

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  1. Love what you did! I have a son and want to use buffalo check too. Can you please tell me where the twin beds with nailheads came from in the boys room? Thanks!

  2. Never doubt your decorating abilities, the room is lovely! Nothing wrong with Ensuring your home is a warm, comfortable place to celebrate family. Pinterest is a great resource to do that. Nothing mean or evil about it, home is the heart of a family.

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