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Play Ideas On a Budget



Many of your street comments have been funny about my new playroom. My candid, honest friends don’t hold back.

-“Saw your playroom, wow – my boys would kill themselves.”

-“Whoah playroom. Not in the budget!”

– “We just don’t have that space!”


And so on and so on.


Here are a couple ideas for PLAYING when space or budget is a concern.


Lawnmower Box to Play House




My friend Carey showed me her precious lawnmower box before my playroom and I am pretty sure some of her ideas went into my brain for inspiration.




She is such a great mom. What kid doesn’t love a box? Just search “box” or “cardboard box” on Pinterest and you will see TONS of inspiration.




Check out what she made. It folds up and lives in her garage. Voila! Affordable and fun.




And, looking at her artistic skills – it’s clear I should’ve had her paint my castle. Whoah.







Office shelves turn Dollhouse

I’m in my office right now trying to get a few things done and my girls are out of school today. They are “bored” which is interesting because they sort of have a castle and dance floor in the other room. Ahem. So, I just wiped out all my supplies on this Target set of shelves.



What if you got this same set of shelves (comes in diff colors) and make a doll house or garage for all those cars? trains? Use contact paper or scrapbook paper for the floors? walls? as wallpaper? The rooms are great sizes to fit everything from barbies to fairies. They are making beds out of ABC Scripture Cards boxes.



I do love to play with my girls – but I do think it’s important for them to LEARN TO PLAY. Use their IMAGINATION. I can give them the idea or set the stage – like this blank canvas and say GO.


Here are more ideas on PLAYING with your kiddos today. Here’s an easy sheet to download and print that might spur you on. Happy Friday! We sing this, “It’s the weekend, daddy’s home – it’s the weekend, we’re going to have some FUN!”
Look how cute this is – just added this afternoon. Saw on Pinterest. Same shelves – such a smart idea. Fun!

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  1. carey – this cracked me up. i got a question from someone. “what is a lawn mower box?” didn’t you get a lawn mower and it came in a huge box? so… this can be any huge box from anything. save it. repurpose for anything!

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