Pondering Cookie Cutters

Just pondering tonight…


When I was in college, I was surrounded by friends I adored.


We were so much alike, but so very different.

Kelli – she was meant to be a teacher.

Brooke – she was meant to be a nurse or anything in the medical field. Brilliant.

Rebecca – it didn’t really matter what – just put that girl with people. She’s gifted in winning others over.


I didn’t really compare or think one minute about our majors.

It was just accepted that we had talents and gifts that were unique.

I would fail out of medical school.

Common knowledge but never judged about that fact.

However, I loved Public Relations and would do just fine going that path.


It strikes me as super odd and baffling that motherhood makes us switch our rational thinking.

We lose our minds and think there is one way, one method.

That there is one recipe for a great mom.

That there is a cookie cutter version out there – and if we just picked up enough of the tips and pieces – we’d figure it out.


Mother Theresa herself isn’t perfect enough to be the mother of my two girls.

I am.

I was created by the God who breathed life into the universe – into the stars – into the earth – into me and into my children.

We are a match.


He’s not an idiot. He knew I’d be a fit for them and just what they needed.

He also knew I would need HIM! Oh every mother needs Jesus, I do believe.


I wish somehow we could just start recognizing the differences in parenting and motherhood as simply differences and not right/wrong.

You’ll hear more tomorrow about my style of playing.

That doesn’t mean it’s a formula.


I hope today you are encouraged by what you bring to the table as a mom.

And, how uniquely you are gifted for this role.

Remember, one of the most important things you can ever give them is your love – and there isn’t a blog post or pinterest idea that needs to fill you in on that.

It’s in your heart. You love your kids. You’re a mom.

You’ll never be the same because of it.

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