What is my purpose in this life? And my priorities?


Do you ever feel like you’re in a comedic skit some days? Or groundhog day? You get up and clean up and make dinner and go to Target and go again?

And if you have little ones at home – you REALLY know what I mean. It’s like every three hours – bottles, naps, diapers.

I have kids in school ALL day and I still get this feeling so often.

This month, I wanted to pause and think again about “Purpose and Priorities.” I am reading a book a month. Just like I did YEARS ago with my mentor Regina Williams through her Titus 2 Mentoring Program.

Here are the books I am reading right now for the year. This month’s book is by Andy Stanley.


My blog is been slow this year – taking a little breather. I have been having a guest post each month. This month’s guest is Wendy Henderson – ya! She is writing on the topic of Purpose and Priorities and you will LOVE it.

Since the topic of PURPOSE really close to my heart, I’m blogging today.

I’ll write a little and then share a video below. My heart is for you. For the tired mom, the inspired mom, the confused mom, the called mom, the weary mom. I know what’s it’s like to have dreams and also want to be at home. To have desires and feel very overwhelmed at how to do it all.

I’d love to encourage you – that you’re not alone.

In April of 2007 – Ella was just six months old and this is what I wrote about my purpose and priorities. My mentor Regina asked me these questions. This was NINE YEARS ago.

What is success for me?

Success is significance – having influence on others. Using my God-given talents to glorify Him. Doing things to leave a legacy – things that have eternal value – things of significance. Success is not really achieving things that the world would value.

What do I want to become?

I want to become a Godly wife, mom, friend, mentor and teacher. I want to become someone that is always focused on others – and not my own selfish wants and needs. I want to become a woman with her priorities in line – spending time doing things that matter most from my relationship with Christ to my marriage, etc. I want to become more like my mom and Jesus.

What do I want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for my heart – how I loved and cared for others. I want to be remembered for my relationship with Christ and how I influenced others in this area. I want to be remembered for encouragement and fun – bringing light into lives.


Lord, Ron, Ella, Family, Home, Personal, Friends.


So many things struck me as I read over this list this morning. Please look at the last sentence: I want to be remembered for encouragement and fun – bringing light into lives.

I wrote that is 4 years before Lil Light O’ Mine was even born. In some ways, I feel so affirmed knowing God has brought so much of this to life. God is one faithful God.

And in some ways – I am still struggling with priorities. I think I believed I would arrive and figure it out. Andy Stanley says that some areas in life are a “tension to manage” not a “problem to solve.” And I believe this is one of those.

As humans, we will always have a pull to put ourselves and our desires and motives first. It is ALWAYS a tension to put Ron’s needs and my kids and others before myself. But I can see growth. I can see how God has molded me the last 9 years. I can see how leaning on Him and following Him has made me into a girl with purpose and intention.

I literally wouldn’t change a word from what I wrote. Same things are true. Same priorities. Same goals.

I keep living towards the goal with much grace. I keep learning that I’m loved already and there is peace in the rest vs striving. I have made so many mistakes and learned so much.

How do I figure out my purpose?

Check out the video below. I will encourage you on some ways. Here are a few tips here.

  1. Pray – he will make it clear, but it’s season and very personal; try not to compare yourself to someone else
  2. Look at your time – analyze how you are spending your time right now – does that line up with how you want your life to go?
  3. Look at your money – is your money going to things you want to prioritize?
  4. Do Your Best – There will be seasons that feel very much like surviving so give yourself much grace

Books I’d recommend:

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