Put a Bubble In Your Mouth

 In college, I was an early childhood education major for about 4 weeks.

War Eagle, hey!

I entered the classroom several times for some training and immediately switched my major to PR.

Those small people flat stressed me out.

Since that time, I have a giant amount of resepect for any human that can reign in a classroom of small people, enjoy it and come out alive. They are gifted people and I am serious – I respect, adore and love them.


I learn from watching my kids’ teachers.

If they can teach 14 kids to listen, surely I can teach 2.

If they can have my child walk in and do 4 things each morning,

surely my kid can do 2 at home before they leave the house.


So, here are a few sayings I have picked up over the years from my teacher friends and mommy friends that are WAY nicer than what comes to my heart immediately (i.e. “put a sock in it” or “knock it off). I have been blown away by The Weekday School here in Orlando and just could watch and observe daily as a parenting course. Amazing staff.

“Please put a BUBBLE in your mouth!”

This works! My kids will blow up a pretend bubble in their mouth – because they do it at school. This helps when they cannot physically wait to talk or the other sibling is sharing. “I’m sorry, it’s not your turn, put a bubble in your mouth if you can’t have self-control.”

“Is it kind? Is it loving? Is it necessary?”

Helping them think through what they just did. Brilliant.


My 6-year-old has this instead of calling it “time out” and she actually is thinking about things. Last night – she was in a foul mood all night and we just sent her away to “thinking time” and she came back and was able to tell us what she did wrong with a mood change and apologize appropriately.


I heard this one from Tara Concelman actually and it’s brilliant and so tricky. I use FAR too many words when corrrecting my girls – expecting a 3-year-old to understand and be convinced of the moral reasons WHY she shouldn’t do seomthing. She’s 3. Use LESS words, “That is dangerous mom said no.” That’s it. USE MORE WORDS, way more words when affirming.


Another question – just helping them think through their actions and choices.

I’ll leave you with a comical video this morning.

They have been bickering in the morning on the way to school over ANYTHING – who touched my foot, who didn’t share this, who had the water, whatever. UGH!

So, today, we practiced ABC Scripture Cards back and forth taking turns. Since Ella knows all of them – she almosts combusts with the answer and interrupts Larson. Insert “bubble in the mouth” trick. I was trying to get her to take a video of Larson with bubble because she’s so darn cute waiting her turn.

And, we got this.

You’re welcome teachers – for sending them wound up on Apple Jacks. The least I can do for all your  many powerful lessons. 🙂


from other moms or teachers?

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