When it rains, can you feel joyful?


Tonight, I was sitting around the table and talking to my girls about the next virtue. JOY.

Reminding them that families around the country would be doing the challenge with us. The Joy Field Journal (Chapter 1 of In This House, We Will Giggle).

To get the conversation (not lecture) going, I started asking some questions.

Who is the most joyful person in our family?

Who is a joyful friend in your class?

Who is a joyful teacher?

What does it mean to be joyful? vs happy? (this was hard for them to understand at their ages)


And, then I asked a question that stumped them for a minute.

When it rains, can you feel joyful?


There are two key parts of JOY that I want my girls to know this month. We have discussed before as a family, but we are focusing one entire month on the topic with you!

1) Joy is a choice

2) It’s praising God in ALL things – not just when life is praiseworthy or great. Rain or shine! Ups or downs.


So, as your kids are looking around for joyful people and make notes in their journals. I challenge you to be on the look for JOY in your home.

  • Call it out when dad wakes up joyful and lifts the spirits in the home.
  • Call it out and praise it – when a child is joyful (or content) when the answer is NO.
  • Call it out and show them – when you notice something praising God in all things.
  • Call it out when they make the choice for joy.
  • Call it out anytime you spy a cheerful or happy heart.


My kids respond so well to praise and encouragement. Take any chance to spot and affirm what looks like joy in your home.

And as you go about life, keep your eyes peeled. There are JOYFUL people everywhere.


Ponder these questions with your family:

  • Who or what is our source of joy? Circumstances? The Lord?
  • Are we happy (or joyful) when things go our way?
  • What makes you feel joyful?
  • On rainy days, can you be joyful?


Memory verse:

A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit. Proverbs 15:13


Memory definition:

JOY: Choosing to praise God in all things.


Because you asked and my publisher is super sweet – they are putting together a leader study guide for your book clubs and bible studies. We are working as quickly as possible to get it for your groups. Stay tuned!

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  1. Not just across the country…. across the world! We’re in South London and been talking through our joy journals today before school goes back. I just love how easy the definition is for the kids to learn. After filling his in for the day my son said, “Mum can we do love next?” – he was so thrilled when I showed him Chapter 2! Just loving the book…

  2. Just got your book for Christmas and we are starting to implement: so excited! Thanks for writing the book, having the courage to challenge others, and living for the Lord! Would love to hear more practical ideas as you have them for implementing joy in our homes! 🙂

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