Raising Girls and Need Some Help?

As a mom raising 2 girls, ages 8 and 5, in the world today I have many concerns.

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How do I teach them to love themselves and not listen to the world’s standards but to God’s?

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How do I show them the love of Christ when I myself have so much to learn?


Am I going to mess them up?


When do I back off and let them learn from their mistakes when all I want to do is jump in and “fix it” for them?


Oh these are just a few of the thousands of questions swirling through my mind as the mother of 2 girls. When I attended the .MOM conference in Birmingham, Alabama in September I met 2 ladies that spoke to my heart. Their gentle yet affirmative way of talking moms through certain situations just captivated me. I wanted to know all they had to say and were clinging to every word they spoke.

I bought all the books they wrote and have not put them down since. I have laughed, practically cried and felt “not so alone” as I realized listening to them that so many of my concerns are very valid. Yes, there are many hard times ahead raising children today, but there is hope and a promise.

Sissy and Melissa do an amazing job of calming a nervous mother though their book, Raising Girls.


I cannot say enough about how I love their words of encouragement and truth. They are extremely experienced in dealing with children and that paired with their love of the Lord and seeking Him first in their ministry has made me a number one fan of looking to them for guidance. SO thankful to the Lord for putting them in my path.

Raising Girls is a treasure to me! And, I thought you might like it too!



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