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I have had the chance to write for many different blogs lately – and the goal is the same for me.


You are my passion. I want you to know I am in this with you. I want you to know this job is hard. Whether you have 1 kid, 5 kids, boys, girls, babies or teens. It is hard. And we need each other.

So, each time I get the chance to write – of course I am going to point back to the book because it’s my entire heart poured into 40,000 words. However, I am ALWAYS thinking how to use something (a tale or some tips) to lift you up and point you back to Jesus.

Here are a few lately that may just do that.

Hang in there. I believe in you. I think you are just awesome.

Mothers of Daughters

Today, I am so delighted to be over at Mothers of Daughters – and the topic? Kindness! Sharing a tale about how I snapped at my precious Ella – when she was finally doing what I taught her to do – thinking of others. There’s a giveaway too! Link here.


Renee Robinson

Today, Renee is interviewing me about the inspiration behind the book and how it all came to be. Honored to be on her site! She’s a beautiful writer and mom. Read interview here.

Kay Wyma

I quote Kay in the book – she is the author of Cleaning House. Love her! I shared QUITE the embarrassing tale the other day about my moods. And when I kicked the dryer. We are the Chief Mood Officers! Read blog post here.


WinShape Camps

Yesterday, I was SUPER honored to be featured on the blog for WinShape Camps. Ella will making her first trip to this precious overnight camp this summer. They are a part of the Chick-fil-A family and so dear to me. I shared my heart behind the “heritage of faith” idea. Let’s put them to bed with our “faith tales” vs “fairytales.” Read more here.

Jeannie Cunnion

My dear friend and author of Parenting The Wholehearted Child. It’s so neat that our books hang out on the bookshelf at stores like LifeWay. I wanted to debunk the idea that there is a “most spiritual mom” award out there. Blog post here.

Rachel Wojo

She wrote about my book in the context of some GREAT Bible games and ideas. I pinned this one – so I can come back to it for gift ideas. So many great ideas in there. Enjoy this link.

bible-games (1)

Lastly, so many of you have asked how to help.

You don’t have to have a blog or be a writer to help. If you are a mom (or grandmother or dad) reading this book, you can help in many ways.

  • Get the book (wherever books are sold) – and let me know what you think! I love hearing what is resonating with you.
  • Share it with your friends. Below is how my cousin just did it and this SO TOUCHED my heart. It was so genuine.
  • Write on amazon review – apparently those are a big deal – so if you are loving it. You can write a review there.
  • If you do have a blog, share about it there! I’d be so honored.
  • Consider it for your women’s studies
  • Consider it for your Christmas gifts
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    Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 8.36.26 AM


Don’t forget the giveaway! Ends tomorrow!

I can’t think of a better way to make your house giggle – than to work on your marriage. That’s exactly why I’m giving away a weekend retreat to WinShape. And several other huge prizes. Just go right here for details.

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