Read This If You Want To Disciple Your Kids

IMG_8316I feel like we are getting to know each other. The moms that read this blog are also crazy about the hearts of their kids. We want to disciple them – teach them some very important things. Not just to be “good little girls and boys” but to follow Jesus. In a way, that lights up the world. In a way that changes and influences others for good.

This can be so overwhelming for me? Is it for you? HOW do we do this?

I have read several things lately that do a GREAT job of giving you TANGIBLE, TACTICAL examples.

1. WHOLEHEARTED CHILD by Jeannie Cunnion

I LOVED reading my friend Jeannie’s account of her child’s misstep and then how she handled it. It was SO HELPFUL to me to hear exactly how she worded everything. How she brought God’s grace into the equation. To hear his little heart process it all. Beautiful.



I will probably mention Kylie’s blog every moment that I am able – this girl is insanely gifted. She has the ability to bring you into her family’s life in such a special way. Please take some time to read about her recent trip to Africa. Can you imagine the heart of her 7-year-old ever being the same? Seeing suffering? orphans? service? love? God’s grace? so very up close and personal? Beautiful!!!


3. GENTLE ANSWER by the Duggars

I have shared before that I struggled with coming unglued. This video really touched me by  Michelle Duggar. It gave me hope and encouragement. It also really convicted me. One of mine is having really harsh answers and I know exactly where she learned it.

4. 10 Points of Joyful Parenting

I have a sweet friend Kristen that is amazing. She is authentic and holding me accountable. She told me about Ann Voskamp’s 10 points of joyful parenting and she just recently painted the points on her coffee mug. What a great idea. I couldn’t wait to look them up. They are beautiful. So worth the read.


Happy Friday you wonderful mamas! Don’t give up and do not be discouraged. You are doing an amazing job. The fact you are even reading this shows you care the hearts of your children and their relationship with Jesus. We are in this together.



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  1. Michelle Duggar is one person that I never imagined with an anger problem! What a wonderful message she shared. Thanks for posting. Can’t wait to check out these other resources during naptime.

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