Real Deal – Meet Joy Thomas

I want you to meet my friends, the contributors of this blog. They are the real deal. I didn’t ask them to be on here because they have the biggest following or the biggest book deals – I asked them because they are the real deal. Enjoy meeting Joy today! – Courtney

Meet Joy Thomas

june14 kidsart32

What advice would you give to your younger mom self?

Be a bit more flexible and serve others more while you have one child. You think it will be downhill after you get through the baby stage but it’s just the beginning of a mountain range. Its the most beautiful, breathtaking mountain range you’ve ever hiked, but it’s mountain after mountain.

What is God teaching you right now?

I do NOT know the best for me. I think the road (of life, i’m talking here) is going one way and it takes a sharp turn. Or I think we are headed for a big change and no, we stay on the straight and flat. Always an adventure. Only He truly knows what is best. Leaning into and seeking Him is the only way to serve and have a life worthy of the good news of His grace.

What is a struggle you have defeated?

Used to hate running, now love it after realizing in college, that it’s one of the cheapest ways to work out. Thanks to my love of being outdoors and learning how I like to run (no competition, force my mind to pray and praise as I go!)

What is a struggle you’d like to defeat?

Being less cluttered, The closets and drawers are actually not that bad! There is a place for most things, it’s just that new things are always cropping up so they sit out for a week, a month…. Ay ay ay.

june14 bar

I have posted at least one other messy house photo here at LLOM. And now another? Yikes. All for the cause of lifting up that cluttered gal and saying you are not alone sister! I did not move my hiney one inch from the computer I’m typing at. I simply turned my head one inch to the left and took a pic of the bar I’m at. Bills, broken baseball souvenir (from, yes, a baseball thrown over the bar), guitar chords, art projects, tea bag, lists, remotes.

What keeps you up at night?

One of two things: 1) reading and journaling about the stages my kids are in or 2) plans for the next day! I can be so short sighted and put lots of weight on what we have or don’t have to do tomorrow.

More Fun photos:

My most treasured gift is something surprising God alone gave to me four years ago: the love for and ability to inspire children to create!

june14 kidsart42

Maddox who hates getting a pic made and who is obsessed with baseball so much that he did not get up once during this three hour game, not even for ice cream or food.

june14 mad

Cora and Zeke who love water like a security blanket. Do not know where they got that from. I am a camel.

june14 corazekewater2

I meet God many places. I am not a routine kind of lady but the last two mornings He’s found me here. Have you found SheReadsTruth.Com? In order to keep this short, that is all I’ll say. I am sold out for it. Check it out if you, like me, need accountability and a plan.

june14 porch-001

Talk to me.


Where’s your quiet spot?


What’s God’ teaching you?


What’s a struggle you’d like to defeat?

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  1. joy to the t. i love your water-drinking, baseball-loving kiddos. and that porch – built by you and your husband. you know your gifts and your weaknesses and you walk forward trusting God. so proud to be your friend. cannot WAIT to be with you in just a week!!!

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