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I want you to meet my friends, the contributors of this blog. They are the real deal. I didn’t ask them to be on here because they have the biggest following or the biggest book deals – I asked them because they are the real deal. Enjoy meeting Kelly today! – Courtney




What advice would you give to your younger mom self?

I’m not THAT far into motherhood but I already see why people say “you will miss these days”.  The first few years for me were TOUGH.  I had a hard time being home all day and having little babies who were so dependent on me.  But now that we are starting school and our days of being home are numbered, I’m already missing it.  I would also tell myself it really does get SO much easier and more fun and to not wish the time away.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Sam’s Choice Salted Caramel Ice Cream.  It’s the best ice cream I have EVER had.  I wish I didn’t know about it.  I’m pretending right now that I don’t.  And of course Sonic Vanilla Diet Cokes.

What do you dream about or think about at night?

I think about things like picking up our family and moving overseas to do mission work.  Or starting a non profit to help kids in third world countries get hearing aids (because of our experience with Harper).  Fear, life, the need for stability keep me from doing this…but I’m never saying never.
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