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Real Deal – Meet Paige Knudsen


I want you to meet my friends, the contributors of this blog. They are the real deal. I didn’t ask them to be on here because they have the biggest following or the biggest book deals – I asked them because they are the real deal. Enjoy meeting Paige today! – Courtney


Meet Paige Knudsen


What is the hardest (and favorite) part of motherhood?

Both of these is definitely raising teenagers. I love this stage, I truly do. maybe even more so than the “littles stage”—hairbows & mary janes, matching smocked dresses, reading through favorite book series together—I have loved the teen stage. I will say for all sorts of different reasons, I have truly loved & enjoyed each stage my girls have passed through. I love the deliciousness and wonder of the baby stage as much as I love where my 13 year old is now. learning to read & picking out prom dresses are both equally exciting as a mama.

So, each stage of motherhood has seemed to be my favorite.

Having said that, raising teenagers is a toughy.


Not for thin skinned or the weak of heart.

Decisions are huge.

Friends are significant.

Pressures are mighty big at 17.


When I say something I regret to my 19 year old, she’s not as quick in resiliency & perhaps “forgetting” as she was at age 6. Preparing them to soon leave the nest is a constant tender spot for me. As much as I love watching them become individuals and dream, I want them all under my roof for weeknight dinners and family vacations. While we never have been the koolaid  house ( no pool. no pooltable. no basement) I truly enjoy their friends when they hang out here! So yes, I think something can indeed be the hardest and the favorite simultaneously.



What’s a guilty pleasure?


Because of all aforementioned issues, my guilty pleasure should be nightly red wine! Ha! Basically my life is complete because of a cold fountain diet coke, watching the atlanta braves, jogging with my golden retriever & perhaps, a growing cowboy boot collection.


I’d love to get to know you too!


Do you have teens in your home?

Or a growing cowboy boot collection?



Paige is one amazing photographer and ambassador for Noonday. In fact, she was chosen to travel with Jen Hatmaker, Jennie Allen and the rest of the incredible gang on their huge IJM trip this summer. Keep posted on her blog for those exciting blog posts – and of course get a piece of world-changing jewelry here. You can also host a show if you are in the Atlanta area.

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  1. Paige-
    I love this! Thanks for sharing and encouraging us with the littles about the fun and excitement that is ahead-along with the realities of life of course. So thankful for you and your influence and I know one of your girls is pretty awesome-I bet the other three are equally amazing!
    Btw I quoted you on marriage advice the other day.

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