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I want you to meet my friends, the contributors of this blog. They are the real deal. I didn’t ask them to be on here because they have the biggest following or the biggest book deals – I asked them because they are the real deal. Enjoy meeting Rachel today! – Courtney

What part of motherhood has been the hardest?

I think the craziest part of motherhood has been embracing the differences in my kids! I have a mini me … my daughter! She thinks like I do, is super girly, loves the things I love and then I have my precious son. He thinks nothing like me because he is a thinker and does not shoot from his hip, he loves to create things and will ask 1 bazillion questions about how and why things work (of which I never know the answer and have never even cared to ask why)!

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He is a feeler and has deep emotions which is beautiful, but so hard to parent when you are coming out of a season of emotional bankruptcy. Ahhh..glory! How I produced two children so incredibly different is mind blowing. Parenting is so amazing!


What advice would you give to yourself right now?

Keep saying YES. My kids hear me say ‘no’ a lot, but when I say YES we usually make a moment!! It seems the times we say yes are the moments they remember.
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Yes, to graffiti on the tarp. Yes, to hair chalk.

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What is God teaching you?

First, that my dreams matter to Him and I thought I had forgotten how to dream until this year. Secondly, that He will not and cannot be contained in a building we call the church or He will not be put in the box I put Him in many days. He will blow your ever-loving mind if you ask and receive the gifts He has waiting to behold!

What is a struggle you defeated?

I used to care what my kids wore…like really care! God moved me and freed me from the ‘fear of man’ and how my children and their clothes reflect on me! Oh my bless..Thank you Jesus! Don’t get me wrong, I help them look ‘appropriate’ for the occasion but I sincerely just let it go. For those who really know me…only Jesus could do that! Bigger fish…way bigger fish!
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