Release The Cheerleaders


If you have ever been an athlete or dancer or anything with an audience – you know the feeling. You are on stage or on that field, and you are doing your best. Then, those nerves creep in. In your heart, you whisper for God to meet you there. You trust God is going to show up when you are weak and scared.

You remind yourself that you were made for the sport or the calling.



Then, you get a glimpse of your cheerleading squad. You catch the eye of your mom or your dad. Or your best friend. And you remember, you’re never alone. You never were.

It is so incredibly hard to put into words what I am feeling right now. I don’t want to be dramatic – it’s just a book. I also don’t want to discredit what has happened because I haven’t been alone.

There’s been a squad. I look up with fear and trembling and I see faces – on my phone via text. Comments on Instagram. Emails that break me to tears. Facebook notes. Customer comments. Little kid videos of scripture memory. Verses and moments only God could’ve done to confirm it all.

The squad, the cheerleading team, is so beautiful. It’s the body of Christ. This squad didn’t laugh for a second at a HUGE God-sized dream in my heart. They just kept smiling and nodding. I look down the line of the cheerleaders and I see each of you..

my husband and kids

small group friends

former teachers

my mom’s friends that have been praying for my life since I was born

my parents, my in-laws, siblings, aunts, cousins

Lil Light O’ Mine readers and moms in the journey together

Chick-fil-A buddies

high school friends

sorority sisters

fellow school moms

Atlanta community

Orlando community

Buckhead Church, Summit Church

childhood friends, new friends and old friends

former coworkers

blogger friends and other authors

on and on and on

Please know that I see each of you and I do not take it for granted for a second. And please also know I need you. This was literally the hardest thing I have ever done, but you know what kept me going? The message inside of it.




I truly believe in my heart, this message for families could impact generations. My dad reminded me of that truth yesterday. It humbled me and made me even more excited about the next several months. Be assured – when I’m doing media or a book stop – it has everything to do with more families knowing God.

In the depths of my heart – I want kids all over America to KNOW He is good. They can experience virtues without lectures and yelling. They can learn the joy of following Him and want more – vs running away from faith the first chance they get.

It may appear that I don’t need you – because I do have some “big dogs” on board. I still need you. Share it with your friends, your mom groups. You can also share with someone who is unsure of their faith. I wrote it for those parents in mind as well.

How can you help me most?

Consider getting the book and trying some of the activities and then tell me how it went. Your family is why I did this. I believe in you. God does too. And, I am crazy about your kids.

You can share this video or anything on the book section of this site with friends.


We’ve linked to a few places that sell it, but there are loads more. And you’ll see it start popping up in stores – feel free to ask stores about the book when October 7 gets here. They might just order more if we are bugging them.


Any deals?

Yes! If you want your group to do it and you want to order a big quantity – the publisher is running a great deal starting on Sept 21. Check back here. Great time to load up on big quantities. But they will go fast.

In This House We Will Giggle


Have I said “thank you” lately? Thank you. Truly thank you.

Erin! For this site. Casey! For the song. Endorsers! No words. Waterbrook Multnomah team – for everything and not choking this crazy first-time author with 350 questions per day. Proverbs 31/Lysa for suggesting I write a book. Cheerleading squad. Every.One.Of.You. Hugging you right now.

Book Tour?

You can see the stops we are planning right here. Come visit. The girls will be with me for the big stops (Atlanta, Auburn, Orlando) and are so excited to sign the books with me. Birmingham – likely the week of November 10. Coming!


Much love and gratitude,


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  1. Cheering loudly from Birmingham! Thinking back on a convo we had at your home in Atlanta when you were dreaming of ABC Scripture Cards. Celebrating God’s faithfulness today. Can’t wait to see what the next months have in store!

  2. So excited for you, Courtney! Praying God will use you and your book to minister to others. Praying that he will give you peace and his strength if you start feeling overwhelmed. He’s got this. He will bless your obedience. Thanks for showing me its not too late to grab your dream.

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