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I got the email below from a friend of mine – and I just had to share with you. It is so special to me and I hope it encourages you.

In the Faith chapter of the book, I encourage families to start a journal called Heritage of Faith. And it’s not that complicated. It can simply start like a conversation. Or it could be a letter. Just begin thinking of how your heritage of faith began. 

Was it your mom? Your dad’s parents? Do your kids know the stories? Do you know the full stories? Do you have them captured somewhere in detail? Have you thanked them properly for this legacy? (My grandmother featured above).

Check out this touching story. Leah gave me permission to share a very personal tale in hopes you’ll reach out to your family today.

This is simply amazing. Love you Leah.

ALL TO HIM, be the glory. – Courtney
Hey Courtney!

It’s been just about a year since you came to Boston to speak to our church. I just had to thank you.  Having you here to speak and reading your book/blog has literally changed my life.  You started something in our church that keeps growing.  I am a better mom because of you and your book.  I have been able to step out in service at my church and I can say that is all started with your visit.   I just told them all about the Easter cross and it was a HUGE hit!

I haven’t shared with you a significant moment in our family – because it was so raw. But it’s time now!  Last year, I read about your family legacy journal and I loved the idea so much.  It really started me thinking about my Grandmother – who was first saved and passed her faith on to my mom and then to me and now I am to my children.

Last Summer, my daughter, Hope, and I asked her some of the questions you suggested in the Heritage of Faith idea and we recorded her answers.  Then later that Summer, Hope decided to get baptized. My grandmother had fallen and was in rehab and couldn’t be there, which was awful.  The entire experience got me thinking that I never thanked her for starting our family’s legacy of faith.

At the time, she was visiting my uncle in New York  for an extended stay and I wrote her a letter of thanks and sent her pictures of Hope getting baptized and a picture of the 4 generations of Jesus lovers.


And just days after she received the letter, she passed away out of nowhere.  She was not sick or anything.  When I went up to New York, guess what was displayed on the nightstand beside her bed? My letter and the pictures we had just sent.


Knowing that she met Jesus with absolute assurance of her legacy – is such a gift to me. She began our family’s heritage of faith and I got to thank her. It is hard to put into words how much this meant to me – to know we were able to pass on our appreciation for how her steps of faith impacted our family forever.   It was almost like she felt like her work here was done and she could go be with Jesus.

I am so thankful for the idea and that God nudged me to do this before she died. I am so thankful I didn’t wait or assume she knew that her legacy mattered. I would love to encourage others to write their loved ones or call them today. Even if they didn’t do it perfectly – they did their best.




Courtney here again. I want to be sensitive to those that are the FIRST one in their family to believe in God. Do not be discouraged. Get excited! You are beginning this legacy for your family – for generations. I’m so excited for what’s to come. And for those that have lost someone and are wishing for one more conversation – I know that feeling. Praying for your hearts now. xoxo

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  1. Chills. Thanks for sharing Leah! What an incredible gift and amazing way God honored your obedience to the Holy Spirits nudge. I hope to receive a letter like that one day and have a picture next to my nightstand. 😉

  2. Beautiful!

    Courtney, I hope you are all settling in TX and finding a sweet group of friends with whom to do life!

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