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School Awards, Love Them? Hate Them?

There is nothing better than seeing your little cutie walk across the stage getting recognized for their achievements. It is awesome. And there is almost nothing worse than watching a child’s sinking face when they know they will not get anything. School awards are so hard. And I am actually FOR them.

I think it’s so important for our schools to have a standard and a goal for our kids to strive for (like honor roll). It’s fantastic and you know I’d SO be the first to snap that photo of my kids getting that honor. And, I also appreciate schools like mine for doing character awards and calling each child up for who they are and not just their grades.

So what do you for the child that never gets an award? For the child that tries just as hard – and only you get to see it from home?

Maybe a child that does their very best and that’s a C or B? Maybe a child that gets up a goes to school in the face of a bully? Maybe a child that is overcoming learning disabilities and has shown incredible perseverance?

I believe you award them. You call them out in your home. They still need to know all those things are major wins.

It doesn’t mean we discount their friend’s achievements or don’t cheer them on. We definitely show up and congratulate them.

Try Your Own Family Awards

This year, we are just throwing together a last-minute family awards night on the last day of school. We got certificates from Hobby Lobby to fill out.

We are handing out awards from Ron/I to our girls – for amazing moments we saw throughout the year. We want to note them. No, it may not feel as exciting as receiving the award on stage in front of their peers. However, we hope it will be meaningful to hear that their parents value all of these choices and moments and triumphs – not just the A’s on the tests.

Larson is so super thoughtful and respectful. She got baptized this year. She persevered in soccer and much much more. We can’t wait to remind her of all she accomplished.

Ella is so loyal and kind. She also got baptized this year. She had incredible bravery and courage during her surgery. We are excited to celebrate a kid that showed up consistently as a great friend and respectful student all of elementary.

Congrats to all of your kids for doing their best on another year. They are each so uniquely gifted. Yesterday, I had all the 5th grade girls over and looking around the table – it was so neat to see there was singers and soccer players and actors and star students and budding worship pastors and one-day teachers. You can see how God crafted each of these girls. I’m so glad he didn’t make all of us alike. Keep telling your kiddos they weren’t to be just alike. Keep working hard – especially for the Lord.

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