Season of Serious Rest

Hey longtime friends!

I have some very important updates for you! Hope you can stick with me through all of them.

1. A deep, heartfelt THANK YOU for being a devoted tribe for so long.

You should know how much you mean to me. I am beyond  honored that you have been with me through this journey from the launch of Lil Light O’ Mine (early days of Light ‘Em Up, ABC Scripture Cards and My Lil Money Jars) to my first book, In This House, We Will Giggle and so much more. You have rallied your people to come to breakouts and special events. You have supported every silly and wild idea I had to help families fall in love with Jesus. You have prayed for my family, my headaches and everything in between.

You have taken simple ideas and run with each of them  – to make your families stronger, your communities stronger and Jesus known.  I have been blessed to watch His love spread through this incredible group of people.

ALL TO HIM I give glory and praise!

2. It’s time for a serious rest

I am headed into a long overdue season of serious rest for me and my family. God has been nudging me for quite some time to do this and I honestly ignored him.

  • What are you stopping? I will not be speaking, writing, producing, working in the online ministry space ( or for at least one year and probably several more. However, keep reading about how Treasured will carry on in an exciting way!
  • What are you doing? I will simply be RESTING mentally and physically for the sake of my health. (I’ll share more on Instagram via IGTV about my head and Chiari malformation). I am LEARNING  and grounding myself in lots of truth – so that when I reappear to teach or produce – I’ll have a richer foundation. I just finished my application to Dallas Theological Seminary and plan to start this Fall getting my Masters in Christian Leadership. In addition, I will be consistently VOLUNTEERING at my local church (Compass) and as my health allows pour my unique gifts into that staff and the people that attend my church.

3. Where do we go from here?

I realize you are not at a loss of information and resources out there. However, I would love to point you to some of my favorites!

  • Treasured Community – Great news! My sweet friend Annie Argawal is taking over Treasured! She has been in charge of content for almost one year and will take on full-time ownership of the site, podcast and all of it! You are in fantastic hands. I will still be online on Instagram for mostly fun. Feel free to email through the site if needed. I’ll be responding as I am able. Click here for information on The Treasured Study. For more information on the Treasured Podcast – click here! Listen to Episode 81 to learn more about Annie.


  • Other products – You can still purchase my first book here, ABC Scripture Cards and Virtue Cards here and Treasured right here!

  • My Favorites – I know one thing you have loved over the years is when I share some of my favorite resources. I put together this list for you. It was so hard to narrow down, but this will point you in the right direction for some outstanding resources! FAVORITES LIST HERE.
  • Keeping In Touch – You can always email me at (I’ll do my best to get back in a timely manner) and we can stay connected on my Instagram at @courtney_defeo. Warning – you’ll just likely see more puppy pics than anything over meaningful content. Taking that pressure off myself.

4. Closing Thoughts From My Heart

I won’t lie, there are a lot of tears shed. It feels like I’m closing the door on something that has meant so much to me. I have worked and worked for almost a decade. The enemy wants me to feel like I failed. However, I know the truth that a next step from God will likely produce some of my best work – in a season of rest. I’m grateful for his patience and mercy because it took me some time to obey.

I do not want to be distracted from my kids anymore. I do not want to be running on empty. I do not want to feel miserable for the sake of others (any other Enneagram TWO’s out there?). I do not want to stall obedience because it’s hard or complicated. This quitting has felt like untangling a big huge pile of necklaces. Getting one layer out at a time. It’s a web of work and connections and expectations I have been a part of creating that felt impossible to unglue.


However, it was clear it was time. The virtual band-aid is being ripped off with this blog post. Every time I get on an airplane, I stare at the clouds and I have these chats with God. I wonder what it must be like to live up and above and chaos. The running around. The hamster wheel. The grind. And I simply felt him inviting me something higher. And I finally had the courage to jump away from comfort and into something unknown. A jump towards His arms solely and away from the addiction to success and affirmation of others. Excited to step out in obedience!

Thank you all truly for your support! You have blessed my life more than you know.

Courtney DeFeo



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