Send Them To School Protected and Loved


Well, the emotions are coming. The girls are going back to school in just a couple weeks and the little tiny bit is starting Kindergarten. It’s going to be quiet. I have plenty to do – and honestly, I have secretly begged for these years.

“When they both get in school…I’m gonna…” (exercise more, take a photography class, cook, do regular business hours, etc)

I have plans and I have ideas. I will certainly enjoy the break to get some things done during those hours and be ready to giggle when afternoon carpool comes.

Let me be clear.

I’m going to miss my girls BADLY. I have to stop this thought now or I will go down in a puddle.


So, as we get school supplies and uniforms and lunch boxes. There is one thing we are making. I thought you enjoy.


How To Make a Key Chain That Protects & Loves


When they are in school, I want them to know they are not alone. They are protected and so very near to their Heavenly Father. They are so loved by mom and dad – and we cannot wait to pick them up.

My friend Kelli gave me this idea when Ella went to Kindergarten and we are off to make another chain today with little Larson.

You simple get supplies to make your own key chain.


1. Include a cross

That signifies that God is always near. They can pray anytime and call on Him for anything. And reminds them who they are representing – they get a unique opportunity to influence and lead others in their class.


2. Include a heart

That reminds them they are extremely loved by their parents. We are thinking of them all day – praying for them and cannot wait to get them.


I often tell mine,

If you were in my class, I’d play with you and pick you every time. You are so fun.

If you have a boy and a key chain isn’t their thing, consider painting rocks with your own secret code. My friend Amber did this and I LOVE this idea.



Let’s get ready for school.

Cherish the last few days of summer.

Get them excited at the fun days ahead.


Remember WE set the tone for their impression of school – don’t be so vocal about your DREAD that they just follow and… DREAD. Or, if you are having fear… guess what follows? Fear. God has these cuties and school is a wonderful thing filled with loving teachers. Mine have learned everything from the love of Jesus to their love of art in those very walls. And how to be a great friend, even when it’s hard.


Great lessons coming this year.


Pray with them for the influence they will have on their class and their leaders. They have Jesus in them – so I know my two are going to light up some hearts. We’ve trained for that and they know – that’s why we do life, school or anything.


They are never alone.

How are you preparing? Anyone else hunting down 4 final things on the supply list?
NOTE: We are not jewelry making people so we got ours from Hobby Lobby in that bead aisle. There was a key chain packet that had the strings, the hooks and the round things. 🙂 See, I have no idea. Then I got a tiny thing of mixed beads. Ella picked out her two charms in the same aisle. It wasn’t perfect but she loved it and my heart felt settled.

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  1. I love this idea! My oldest starts Kindergarten in a week and a half…she is so ready while I am not! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such a sweet idea! Thank you! Also would you mind sharing where you got your daughter’s cute pink back to school shoes? Thank you!

  3. I also have my oldest starting kinder in 4 weeks. He is so shy, but bossy and a leader at the same time. I want him to carry Jesus (and a little bit of mom) with him everyday and find comfort in Him. This is a great idea. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  4. I never thought about my fear/anxiety about school rubbing off on them. Yeeks. I better get myself together. My little is starting Kindergarten as well. He is my homebody. He never wants to go anywhere, always wants to stay at home. Which is kind of bizarre since I’ve always worked and both have always been in some kind of daycare/babysitter situation. Father, change my attitude towards them going to school so they can feed positive vibes off of their mama and not any anxiety or fear. Help them be a light to others and kind. Help me embrace this next chapter of this wonderful life you’ve blessed and broken us with! Hang in there, Courtney!

    1. Mine are super sensitive like me – so they are quick to pick up on my moods. I’m getting better at my game face. Being so excited and getting them excited and then I might cry in the car after. 🙂

  5. I love this idea! I have been praying about homeschooling vs. public school and if we end up choosing public school, I will definitely be making these with my girls.

    1. Heather – that’s a tough decision. My mentor gave me such freedom knowing that each year, each kid – you can choose. I felt the pressure to choose once – basically for their entire lives. Good luck! Either way – it’ll work out great.

  6. This is a very loving idea. My little one goes back to school in a few weeks and I am praying for him and for me, more so for me. It’s been great having him home all summer.

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