Seriously, The Best App For Moms


I am seriously fired up!

My friend Kristen has dreamed up a winner, big time winner. Many of you will have a “why didn’t I think of that?” moment.

I’m just glad she did, because this mom NEEDS The Daily Mom! Launches today!


Read the background story straight from my sweet friend, mom of four and brilliant mind – Kristen:

For me, one of the greatest challenges of being a mom has been staying current …

…while juggling carpool runs, homework help, laundry piles, and meal prep. I wanted to stay up to date with the news, but there was so much information online that I didn’t even know where to start. Overwhelmed and tight on time, I found myself resorting to a quick, daily scan of my social media accounts and calling it “good enough.”

“Wouldn’t it be handy,” I’d think to myself, “to have a super smart (and fabulously hip) research assistant?” She’d spend all day at her computer scouring the web, reading everything she could get her hands on, always ready to brief me on the latest and greatest whenever I had a moment to catch up. She’d update me on breaking headlines, weather forecasts, and health news. She’d give me the light stuff, too – things like workout ideas, celebrity scoop, and parenting tips – and she’d even sneak in some kid-friendly jokes to keep us all laughing.

This app is that super smart, fabulously hip research assistant. The Daily Mom brings brilliant writers, trusted news sources, and recognized brands together into one place, giving moms a fast, easy way to get their news in one stop, and I can’t wait for you to try it.


This app is the fastest, easiest way for moms to get the news they need.


Do you know what I love the most? The wheel. People, the wheel. You scroll AROUND the wheel and in each category flips up one simple piece of information. It is so easy and so functional for my fast-pace world (and squinting eyes).


With one quick swirl, you can read a lunchbox joke of the day, then a tip or fun fact to make you smarter, top breaking news and even weather. And even more categories. And, if you want to dive deeper – you can go into the blog category and pick from fashion or parenting and more. It’s so smart. So needed.


I really need an assistant. For now, I’m going with The Daily Mom. I am downloading today.

You can too – get The Daily Mom here!  And share with your friends.


Congrats my friend. I am so proud of you and THANK YOU for making this happen for so many moms. I already feel smarter and more effective!


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