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We had a crazy weekend around here! Ella’s birthday party (pics here) and two other big events. Of course, I could just post the photos and be on my merry way. However, you know my heart is always stewing and always processing.

I don’t just blog to blog. I feel so crazy passionate about the way faith can come to life in homes. We aren’t perfect. Please know we aren’t perfect. I was just described as a “mad mom” on a sheet from school and cried my eyes out this very weekend. That’s another blog post.

It comes down to this. I want my kids to LIVE IT. I want them to feel the love of Jesus because they experience it in really neat ways.

I love this quote and I was so happy to see it in the center of Ashley’s homeschool room (that is SO CUTE). Ashley from Handmade Home is amazingly talented and I so applaud her amazing decision to keep these kiddos home. Schooling decisions for every parent are super tough. I digress. This post is a about TWO things my kids experienced this weekend where they were INVOLVED so they might learn, deep in their hearts.



Weekend Experience #1: Service

At the heart of our church, is service. This was evident when we did our research and when we stepped foot onto campus. The entire church comes together (NO MATTER THE AGE) and serves together. We have had a schedule conflict every time and we just had to do it this time. I was so sick of missing something critical to the church mission.

Who cares if it was the morning of Ella’s party? We were going.

Three of the couples in our connect group went. We signed up for a service project that was kid-friendly.

We wanted our kids to experience the JOY of serving others. We wanted them to know it honors God to use our hands, our money, our time and our love to serve others.


We got there that morning and the parking lot was filled with Summit volunteers. Each sign with a different ministry.


It was such a beautiful site. Such a perfect representation that one church can bust up into small groups and truly have HUGE impact on SO MANY organizations. A city can be impacted by love and service in just one day.


We worked with Holiday Heroes to make cards for wounded soldiers.


We went into the church and watched a video – seeing how they would be delivered. Hearing from tear-filled soldiers about what it meant to received a card made by a child. Tears.


Our kids went to work and did not complain. Made card after card after card! Using their creative skills to share the love of Jesus with some heroes that fight so very hard for our family. What an honor to say thanks.





Our husbands were all in. Did you know my Ron could do bubble letters? Me neither.


My girls fell in love with some new friends.


We were giddy every time we reached another stack of 10 – doing almost 220 cards before we left.



I KNOW, I KNOW – giving should done in secret and I am not doing this to boast. I just feel it is so important to share that anytime there is a chance to sign up for something like this – go! I am so sad we missed the other ones. I won’t miss another one.



Our kids loved it. They can be used no matter the age! ALL TO HIM BE THE GLORY.

Experience #2: Courage

My girls had their Halloween Show last night for dance. I’ll keep it short and sweet. One of mine really struggles with worry. So, when she is asked to do a handstand and then twirl upside down (held by a partner that is 8 years old) – that can cause worry every night leading up to the show. Am I going to fall? What if I fall? Do I have to do the show? What if I forget the moves?


My girls both displayed some serious COURAGE. Some things in life you can only do through experience. I can tell them all day – it’ll be worth it. They both worked hard. Larson had never done a show on a big stage.


She rocked it out.


I thought my cheeks might explode from smiling. Ella nailed that upside down twirl and so did the sweet friend holding her.



And, their teacher, dad, mom, grandparents and I believe their Heavenly Father were waiting SMILING with pride at the end.


Well done sweet little girls.


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  1. Courtney! That service day sounded so exciting! What other projects were there? We are looking for a ideas for our church and I never thought about doing a few projects at once!

  2. I love it! And you are so right. When we serve along side our kids, that’s when they really get it. It’s not just something we say. It’s a part of our family. Your little dancers are precious!

  3. Love this! It speaks directly to the brainstorming session we had for our church’s children’s ministry yesterday…not just entertainment for them, but serving and loving together. Yes!

    Pretty little dancers too! Y’all had quite a weekend!

  4. I love that your new church home has found ways to get such young children involved in serving! That is one of our big struggles right now with a 2 and 4 year old, trying to find things that they can actually do to serve (one of the reasons we love light ’em up!). Will definitely be getting out some paper and crayons to make some cards! Keep the great ideas coming!

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