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one big truthToday’s the day. I’m so excited.

This is an all skate. Everyone in. Blogger? Not blogger? Kids? No Kids?


If you have #ONEBIGTRUTH that God has taught you lately or over a lifetime – I’d love for you to share. It might take some courage and a little brain power to think it through. You can do it!

Please do not worry about getting super creative or perfectly eloquent.


Here’s how it works.

Step 1.

Ask God to help you narrow down the #ONEBIGTRUTH you want to share. Here is mine: “I am in control.” vs “He is control.” You can share anything you like – two statements – something you thought before and then the truth God revealed.

Step 2.

Take those two statements and tell this beautiful story in TWO PHOTOS.




Step 3.

Share those photos on Instragram or your blog or Facebook and just tag #onebigtruth. You can link folks here if you want to explain what in the world is going on or leave them wondering is fun too!


Here is another truth for me – just to give you another example.


Here is one from my sweet friend.



You can have some fun – write it in shaving cream, on your kids head, in sidewalk chalk – wherever, however. You can be in photo or now. Your choice.


Kelly from Kelly’s Korner is link up – check hers out here!


Erin from Blue-Eyed Bride is linking up too. See her #onebigtruth.


And so many of the Lil Light O’ Mine contributors will be popping up on Instagram today – just search #onebigtruth.

You can post TWO PHOTOS or do them together in one photo like a collage. There are no rules. It’s just a fun way to share how God has revealed #ONEBIGTRUTH in your life.

Do you blog?

Link up below!



None. Share anytime – just don’t forget the tag so we find you! #onebigtruth


I think my identity has been a real struggle and it is for many women. I put my worth in my job at Chick-fil-A then my success (or not) as a mom. God has been so good to walk me through this life gently learning huge truths along the way. I thought it would be fun to see how each woman is learning from Him in unique ways.

A guest writer will be sharing a wonderful message on this whole issue of our identity in Him.

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  1. Court-
    One of your many brilliant exercises to remind me where The Lord has brought me over the yeas and how much more freedom I have today! Thankful to walk through this life with you! You are so special!

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