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She’s Just What You Needed

 I saw a dear friend the other day that I haven’t seen in a while.

She’s only been with my Larson, my youngest, a handful of times.

Thanks to facebook and my blog, my friends (and even you)

get to “know” my children.

She said,

“I don’t even know her but I love that kid.

Court, she’s just what you needed.”

I knew exactly what she meant and she was right.


I have no idea why God chooses boys for some moms and girls for another.

Sick for some and healthy for another.

Six kids or two kids. Adopted or natural.

I think God knows EXACTLY what the child needs and the parent needs.

I believe we’re a match by design.

He knows us both before we are in our mother’s womb.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

I know God made ME to be the mother of Larson and Ella.

And there is so much comfort in that.

I really may not do it “right” and I surely may do it different than many.

We SHOULD NOT do it all the same.

Every mother is unique by design.

I am made for them and they are made for me.


They melt in my arms and our breath becomes one.

I can fix a boo-boo like no one else can.

I can relax my nervous child, I can heal her heart.

I can speak courage and truth into her heart.

I can remind her that her world is secure and

that she is loved by the creator of the universe.

I know if her heart is OK by simply looking in her eyes and hugging her.

I needed Ella, of course, my firt born child.


There’s another post about that.

About how the very first time you become a parent,

your heart combusts wide open.

You experience a kind of love you never knew possible.

She was sort of a cherub that followed rules from day 1.

She was really pretty easy.

Although I thought it was really hard.

(Just like I think 2 is hard and you moms of 3,4,5 kids

or teenagers are giggling – zip it! 🙂

Then, spice of life came blazing into the world.


Screaming in the hospital and unsettled on Day 1.

She did that for 6 months. Colic. Reflux. Wild hair.

Poor thing would break your heart and make you want to run away.

Her pain finally went away and was manageable

and her spirit blossomed.

She has developed into the funniest human I know.

She shocks us all daily.

Like “pretending” she’s going potty before she was potty trained,

when Ella and I had to go potty in public.


I catch Ella with her mouth open all of the time from her antics.

Shocked and amused by her sister.


Some kids don’t think to see if a lollipop will fit up their nose, she does.


This one goes for it in life. Head down, full force down the slide! I love it!


She can amuse herself and all of us in the process.


She typically wins the battle of wardrobe and we just roll out like this.


 I am the mom carrying this one out of the store due to tantrum or situation … and we ‘got to go.’

She is spunky. A hoot. A riot. A mess. Hysterical.


 I am pretty certain she has OCD due to her bedtime routine.

I must get it on video.

She doesn’t like clothes really.

If she has to wear them, it’s Punky Brewster style.

Always mismatched socks.


Always her way or no way.

Always crazy hair.

I like things put together and in control.

I like my baby girls looking like dolls.

Like my friend said,

I needed her.

God knew it. I needed her to whack some sense and fun into my life.

To show me I needed THE GOOD LORD to carry me through the journey.

To show me that I don’t have it figured out.

She’s a good kid, a great kid.

A sweet sweet, funny angelic little spice of life.

Lord, I pray that I will remember that we are a match made by you for each other. Even on the days when my agenda and Larson’s agenda don’t match up (which is often) that I am grateful. Grateful that she is healthy. Grateful that I get to be a mom. Grateful that she is and will be a leader. Help to have wisdom and discernment to teach her boundaries. Give me patience when she is strong headed. Give me a light heart and joy when she’s just being silly so that I don’t crush that heart and spirit of hers that makes her LARSON. Oh she’s such a prize to us from YOU. Make me see her that way even on the toughest of days. I will want these days back of fighting over socks and shoes and hair bows. We only pass this way once Lord and I don’t want to rush it. Help me love her “just as she is” and not make her be someone she’s not.

She is perfectly made by YOU for ME.

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  1. What a beautiful post and such a great reminder that we are made for our children and they are made for us. Thank you!

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