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#SHOPWISER: Day 1, Shop To Give

Whoah! The holidays are coming quick! Some of you are already done shopping. Some of us haven’t bought single gift.

What if pressed the pause button and decided to #SHOPWISER this year? Not necessarily make less stops to save gas or make our list before we roam the mall lost. What if used the money, time and resources we were given to make an impact? To honor those we love with gifts that were filled with meaning? What if we used our holiday budget to honor God?

What if we had a heart-conscious holiday gift guide?

That is the inspiration behind #SHOPWISER.



This week, each day will have a different focus. No mandates – just simply ideas.

  • DAY 1: SHOP TO GIVE (See below)
  • DAY 2: SHOP TO EMPOWER (This day features five companies that offer amazing goods aimed to empower others. When we shop – people across the world get out of poverty, feed their families, etc.)
  • DAY 3: SHOP TO TRAIN HEARTS (I will recommend companies/gifts for parents that want to be intentional about training the hearts of their kids.)
  • DAY 4: SHOP TO CONNECT (I will recommend gifts that will connect families. None of us need more “stuff” – we need more time and moments together that etch memories into their hearts.)
  • DAY 5:  SHOP TO SUPPORT WOMEN (Do you own a business? Mark it down [this Friday] and get ready! I have already selected the businesses that I will feature. You will have a chance to feature your biz by linking up your site or blog on this day. I believe women are doing incredible things and we can support each other!)


Let’s get started with SHOP TO GIVE!

It’s biblical and also REALLY fun to start with giving. I think our Heavenly Father is so very honored when we start here. Give first! even when budgets are tight during the holidays. If you are like me, I often wonder about the best places to give. I’ve done some research and pulled 5 trustworthy, honorable, wonderful places to give this Christmas season.

shopwiser day 1

1)    Your Local Church

This can be a GREAT family activity and great way to recognize and honor your church. They have worked hard all year. What if you gathered every bit of change and money you can find and put in a jar. Add a gift tag with a heartfelt note of thanks. Mention 10 things you love about your church.

Drop off at the church office with some other homemade treats. You could also totally WOW them with one giant year end check too. I believe in supporting the local church. Tithing monthly is something we don’t skip, but a bonus “give” is such a fun way to say thanks. Honor a volunteer or pastor you know with this gift. We love our church.


2)    Compassion International

We have just recently signed up to sponsor two girls and it has been priceless. I just LOVE this organization and they are one of the most reputable out there.  So timely and so professional. What if you gave this gift of sponsorship to your own family? This experience is a gift. Or, a one time gift to Compassion will impact the lives of children across the world. What about to thank someone that impacted your life this year – give in their honor?



3)    Susan G. Komen

I have been watching too many friends battle cancer and if I know one group that’s going to help change the course of history in this area – it’s Susan G. Komen. My friend Rebecca from childhood is facing it again with the face of courage and beauty.


What if you gave a gift to someone in your family that has faced cancer or is facing – with a donation in their honor? That would mean more to my mother-in-law than any sweater I could find her. I know it.


4)    International Voice of the Orphan

I have been in partnership with this beautiful ministry and family since I launched. Do you know what I LOVE about their Front Lines Feeding Program? 100% of your donation goes directly to the front lines. Your money literally makes it possible for kids to eat. What if instead of another scarf – you honored your friends this year by making a donation in their name? My friends that pray and dream about orphans would love this gift.



5)    Cannonballing Cancer

I met this brave mama at Starbucks. Can you imagine nursing twins and then running over to the hospital to watch your son go through pure torture? Childhood cancer has got to go. The facts are not out there. The tshirt she created is helping with awareness. Get yourself or a friend this tshirt to help raise the awareness. I love mine. It’s a great workout tshirt – or, walk around like I’m going to workout. Who am I kidding. I love the conversations it starts. Cannon – we are behind you buddy. Keep fighting.


I am just in a neat place with my family. We are wanting less for ourselves and wanting more for others. There are ways to open gifts and honor each other – but not always make it about personal consumption.

If you have a family member that is personally burdened by orphans or cancer or another cause, consider using your money to further growth and change.

#shopwiser #shoptogive

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  1. GREAT ideas!! I am so “over” all the clutter of stuff and would much rather give in a tangible way that will have a lasting impact. Thanks for passing along the ideas!!

  2. This is a great reminder. Our kids got sponsor children in their stockings last year and once we explained the concept they were pretty excited. I think you are so right that people who have been directly affected by cancer often appreciate donations to cancer charities more than material stuff. The past couple years we have often gone off register and made donations as wedding gifts too, especially to friends combining homes. Thank you for calling us up to be intentional about this ahead of time – you have given me time to plan and things to think about!!

  3. Another idea…Instead of exchanging Christmas gifts with one another, our small group of ladies is going to pay for the next doctor visit for a special needs grandchild of one of our members. Neurology specialists are expensive and this dear little one has to go at least 4 times a year and it is not covered by insurance. If you put your mind to it the ways to bless others is endless! Just think about your situation and the people you intersect with in life and presto God will give you a way to be a channel to show His love!

  4. Love these ideas! We are doing Operation Christmas Child for the first time this year. I want start teaching my girls now on the spirit of giving.

  5. On behalf of the street orphans in Uganda, thank you Courtney for caring and inviting friends to care by providing a meal. You are a blessing.

  6. I lovvvvveeee your blog and all your wonderful ideas! We are so swamped with society’s expectations of gift giving that it helps to have you point out these things! Thanks u!!!

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