#SHOPWISER: Day 5, Shop to Support Women

If you haven’t noticed, I love to spur others on. (Or plug others so often – I start sounding like a car sales person. No, really THIS is the best one ever…). Do you know why? I have felt it happen to me. I have had other women pat me on the back, lift me up, encourage me, tweet something, share something, suggest my product, buy my product or share something I wrote.

As a dreamer, writer, entrepreneur – it just plain feels good when another woman supports you on this journey. It isn’t the reason you do it – but it surely helps. And you know the ones I love the most? The authentic ones in the crowd that want nothing in return – just to see you succeed and let God get glory.

Thank YOU to so many of you! For how you’ve inspired me and encouraged me. You know you who are. Too many to name.

I’d love to return the favor in any little way I can. That’s why I share great things so often. I am NEVER getting paid. I don’t take payment or advertisers. If I receive a box of giveaways, I give them to you. Well, I kept the Erin Condren planner – it had my name on it.

Are you a woman running your own business?

I would love to cheer on the women today. I have no idea if 1,000 or 3 people will visit your site because of it, but you just never know. It’s worth a shot.

As we wrap up our #SHOPWISER week – I think it would be fun to think about how we can SHOP for Christmas from women-owned businesses. You’ll meet a few of my favorites and then many more below as our friends link up! Thanks for considering a special way to spur others on.



shopwiser day 5


Let me share four friends and then it’s your turn.

1. Ashley Brooke Designs

I can’t even believe she’s real. This is the cutest human in Orlando. I stood next to her at this Expo thing and we sold our stuff side-by-side. She had some crazy cool bun and arm candy and the greatest makeup. Don’t you hate when beautiful people are actually sweet and selfless? Ugh.



Ashley was gracious and humble and bashful about her INSANE talent. She’s an artist and insanely smart. She just thought up a mug idea one day – and BOOM! All of a sudden a mug line gone bonkers. Go Ashley. I am rooting for you!

#NiceList - Ashley Brooke Designs

Go visit all of Ashley’s goodness here – great gift ideas from precious paper goods to mugs.




2. Margaret Feinberg

This was the first “big time” author that started visiting my blog. I couldn’t believe when she was commenting on my blog. And her comments were so very encouraging. I am not sure why there I would put more weight into her comment vs another. Random mom from Alaska should make me as excited as Margaret Feinberg the author. Right or wrong – she gave me confidence in my writing and what God wanted to do through my blog. I told her thanks and we’ve stayed connected a bit. She gave away some ABC Scripture Cards – one of many women who put wind in my sail.

Then, I got the news. And my heart sank. Not cancer! Not her.

Margaret Feinberg


And I read this post on how people could help Margaret. And I filed it away for this day. I knew I wanted to share one way we could help Margaret. Her books are amazing. Spend anytime on her blog and you’ll get a taste for why they sell so quickly. As you’ll see in her note about “helping during her cancer” – buying her books directly through her site is how best to financially support her.


Margaret – I am behind you. I am praying.



3. Marianne Richmond

My mom bought me the book, “If I Could Keep You Little” and we all cried. She cried about me. I cried about the kids.


And then I discovered there were MORE BOOKS by her! And lots more. And then I emailed her and then I called her. We had the best talk. Discovered – in fact, her heart is exactly what you read on the page. She’s an unbelievable human called to love others and love her family well. Life hasn’t been perfect. She has had ups and downs in her career. She works hard on meaningful content for families all over the world. I am so proud of her.

One of our FAVORITE gifts is the personalized version of her book. Larson LOVES hers. “If I Could Keep You Little Larson” By Put Me In the Story

They are giving one to a winner today! A personalized Marianne Richmond book! Woohoo!


Marianne – I love our common bond of creativity and passion for others. I love your heart and how it bleeds on a page. I am honored to share you with my friends. Thank you for your gift and how you use it to touch my kids so often.

Learn more about Marianne here (site) and here (Facebook) – ENTER TO WIN A “PUT ME IN THE STORY” book below!


4. Mudpies & Mason Jars

Danielle. Oh sweet Danielle. If there was a Lil Light O’ Mine cheerleading squad – she’d definitely be on it and probably on the top of the pyramid with her ABC Scripture Cards. This girl has been LIGHTING ME UP via text, email and phone with just love. Plain old encouragement that a girl needs. She believes in what God is doing and tells me often.

baseball pictures 003

She was one of the first stores to say, “I want to order and sell many of those for you. You just say the word.” She started her own business with three kids at home. It has done awesome. It’s an online auction store and she has home shows too. The CUTEST home stuff and jewelry and other fashion goods.

She is giving away this yummy tree skirt today to one lucky winner. Check out her other fun gift items and make your list complete. She’s someone you can trust and will just make you smile.

chevron tree skirt

Danielle – I am proud of you. Honored to be your friend.

Now, take some time to shop around below for some great gifts for Christmas – you know behind each site and product is one woman that is worked so very hard to make it happen.


1. IF YOU OWN A BUSINESS (FOR WOMEN ONLY): Please link up below by posting your best Christmas gift options. You can be a link to your shop/etsy or a blog post with a top seller and how to buy it. Just be sure the ONE photo (maybe top thing you are selling) is clear in the link up and I’d post name of product not name of company. Or what you are selling “candles” or “frames and wall art”
2. IF YOU WANT TO WIN THE ABOVE TREATS – just comment below with your name or anything you feel like saying today. No rules. Just fun.
4 random winners drawn and announced this weekend.

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  1. This is wonderful!! How amazing is it that you know all of these incredible women?? Pretty darn amazing. Thank you for sharing, I bookmarked this post for easy one-stop-shopping!

  2. i love watching YOU do your thing & i love that you weave relationships so effortlessly. i think you are beyond awesome. love you….now, off to visit some of these ladies!

    1. es triste q esto pase en verdad y q me dicen de esos albumes donde salian varias comiquitas de moda y q pasaban al momento qu no eran mas q dibujos de dichas comiquitas esos tambien los eliminaron

  3. I am in such awe of all the ways you open my eyes to new things, help sculpt my perspective and inspire me. Thank you!

  4. Love hearing about new sites to visit. Thank you for your inspiration and for what you do for others. Blessings!

  5. So thrilled to stumble upon your lovely blog! Can’t wait to grab a cup of coffee, snug by the fire, and get lost reading your writing!

  6. As a new stay-at-home mama, I am especially grateful for the chance to link up here! This is a great idea and I am so enjoying this series. Thank you!

  7. I love that your blog is never filled with product placements or advertisements for anything but great ideas for serving God, family, and community. This series is terrific!

  8. Thank you for coming to speak at our mops group in fort Myers. You are such an inspiration, I have been reading your blog since.

  9. These women are o inspiring, right along with you! Thank you for the great posts this week and for directing my holiday shopping!

  10. How sweet is this, women supporting women, not competing with them. Your sweet heart shines through as you share about these talented women. I’m off to check them out! Blessings for a great weekend!

  11. I always love hearing about new bloggers, authors, women-owned businesses, etc. – so thank you for sharing! I will definitely be checking out each of these links! I shared about your series on my blog too, so I hope to guide some other women over here to read and learn from you!

  12. I LOVE all of these things that you have found. I think the idea of giving the book to an adult child would be awesome–especially one who has gone off to school or moved away. Thanks for more inspiration, Courtney!

  13. Wonderful ideas, thank you for sharing!!! Anything that helps me avoid the mall during the holidays is tops on my list.

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