Should We Do More? Or Do Less?

I am in the middle of two studies right now that perfectly describe the tug of my heart.

Follow me by David Platt makes me want to drop everything and simply do more. Do more for God. Do more to tell the world about the God that made them. Make sure every friend and stranger knows they are so very loved. They have a place in heaven. And they matter so deeply.


Then, I am in the middle of a life-changing study called Stuck by Jeannie Allen with an amazing group of women. It is truly digging up some tough places in my heart. It is uncovering some sin. Some places I get stuck. It is showing me that I want to do less. That (as Dusty beautifully said yesterday)…

I can do more for God when I do less.


I don’t have THE ANSWER for you today. We have to walk through this journey with Him. We have to follow his nudges to cancel activities or even start ministries. It’s just going to look different for every person. My goal is to never “arrive” or do 100 God-inspirting activities by x date. My goal is growing in my relationship with Christ. I want to love like he loves. I want my heart to be more like his. I have so much room to go.

The truth is I want to do more and I also want to do less. More than that, I want to only do His will for my life.

As I look at my calendar the next two weeks – it’s nuts. It’s all great intentions. It’s all “good ideas” – but it’s just too much. You probably can’t keep up because I can’t. So, I promise to do less in the future so He can do more. However, I will never stop saying YES to Him. I’m not afraid of defeat, failure, being mocked or trying again. If He asks me to do it – I’m saying YES.

So, here are a few “good things” that are coming up around here. I got excited and jumped. Never from a bad place or ever wrong motive – just sharing that I need to slow down and maybe journal my ideas before pushing publish.  So, with a little embarrassment from doing too much… I share what’s coming.

Tuesday, November 5

What’s Your Most Life-Changing Resource?

If you are familiar with Build ‘Em Up – it’s just a chance for all you lovely bloggers to join up and share on a common topic. So, share any study or book that was life-changing for you so others can learn.

build em up topics 2

Thursday, November 8

This year’s Light ‘Em Up materials will be ready for you to go! Start collecting a crew of buds to conquer your city together.


Monday, November 11-15

I am actually truly pumped about this as I start thinking about how I am spending my holiday shopping money this year. Each day is focused on something different (shop to give, shop to empower, shop to train hearts, shop to connect and shop to support women).


Are you a woman and you own a business? I want you to have a chance to show your products/services that you are offering for Christmas gifts and link up on Friday, November 15. I am featuring 5 (already chosen) but you will be able to “link up” on that day.

And, I’m so blown away by the folks saying yes to giveaways from bibles to jewels. It’s going to be a fun week.


 Saturday, November 17

I had a moment of pure vomit in my closet. It’s just gross. Inspired my buds and Jen Hatmaker, I’m selling my stuff and my girls clothes. As many as I can part with. Larson just simply will not put on one Southern thing – not a smocked dress. Not a rounded collar. We fight and I’m over it. So, everything is going for $5 and the proceeds are going to the Braland family that just lost the father in that accident. It’s from 10-12. Email me if you’d like to come and I’ll get you my address (courtney(at)lillightomine(dot)com).


I finally sat with my sweet Tarsy yesterday at Old Navy on the floor and let the kid pick her clothes. Stopped forcing her to wear Ella’s clothes (i.e. mom’s vision of a precious southern baby doll) and she was beaming. See. Pink skinny sparkly jeans.

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