Show Them ME

Anyone else get overwhelmed as a mother?

Some days I really feel the weight of my job – basic responsibilities like health, sleep and safety for my children.

Then, my mind wanders onto their character and I zone in on their hearts – kindness, patience, generosity and love.

I think about them as little girls and then think about my role to raise helpful babysitters and supportive wives and respectful students.

Sure, it’s not ALL up to me – but I have a great opportunity.

There are moments (like the one I’m about to describe)

when I feel like God just whispers:






And, the weight ironically seems LIGHTER.

I can do that.

I don’t need to have a theology degree

but I can certainly share how much they are loved by their God.

And, what He has done in my life.

The other things I do matter, but this trumps all.


So, Ella came home and I was honestly half-listening.

She grabbed my shirt and said,

Did you know that Mary was a young girl?
Mom! He chose Mary? Mom! He chose a young girl?”

I can’t describe the look in her eyes.

She was amazed.

She stood in wonder of the story her precious teacher ignited in her heart.

I didn’t fully take advantage of the moment right there, because I learned more later.

I just exclaimed “Yes! Isn’t that amazing? Wouldn’t that be amazing, Ella!

If God came to one of us and said He chose you to carry His son? Neat!”

And we kept moving.

Later that week, I went to an event my neighbor holds calls Legacy Principles and the same idea/story struck me.

Linda brought a whole new idea to me.

I was moved to tears with this thought…

She said, if He knew of Mary’s plan before He created her  – and He used her to carry His son.

What is so different for you?

He knew your plan before He created you! He has a plan for me and for you!

Will we believe it and trust it when it is revealed for us!

Are we standing in wonder and awe of what He can

and will do through ordinary people like us and will we obey?

I had to go back to Ella.

Again, I think I make it so complicated.


As I learn – I just tell her.

“Ella – remember how we talked about Mary and how God chose her! Just like that – God has something very exciting planned for you and for me.  Mine might be Lil Light O’ Mine or something else one day – but I am so excited to be apart of it. And, I’m so excited to see what He is going to reveal to you. You are no different than Mary. A young girl and He will use you too for something amazing.”

We don’t have to be pastors or scholars or Christians for more than 1 second ahead of our kids – just lean in to His truth and earnestly seek Him if that is what we want for our kids. As He impresses an exciting truth on your heart – pass it to them.


I love telling them fun stories from when He put on my heart to call a friend and it was crazy circumstances, we talk about God’s creation as we walk, we talk about answered prayers and how He showed up. We believe He is real and they aren’t too young to grasp that. We talk about Sandy Hook snowflakes being a way that sad kids can know they are absolutely surrounded by God’s love. Thousands of kids that are praying – visible reminders that they are loved.

Some days – the burden is heavy and complicated to be their mother.

Some days – God makes it simple in my mind.

That’s it – SHOW THEM ME.

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