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I’m playing matchmaker today and I’ve basically pinned Izzy (real name Lindsey) to the ground on this. I have never done this before – used my site to try and hook someone up but I am going for it.

My sweet friend Kelly at Kelly’s Korner blog has hooked up EIGHT couples that are married and some are already having kids through her “Show Us Your Singles“! What! How about that for those who bash blogging?

As you know, I’m just crazy about our dear friend Lindsey.

She was our first regular babysitter for Ella 7 years ago in Atlanta. We now live in Orlando and she now lives in Birmingham.

Listen moms, sisters, grandmothers, aunts. friends – she is jackpot city. If you know of a single guy that is amazing, not perfect – you better grab this one. And, you better know I am the interview process. Not just anyone is getting in on this slice of heaven.


My girls and I worked together on a list of WANTS and NEEDS in this man.

We think we are fun. Some of these are serious, so pay attention.



  • Lake house – us girls can dream
  • Brown hair – Court
  • Blue eyes – Linds
  • Funny – Ella
  • Enjoys Music, concerts – Linds
  • Takes care of fish – Larson
  • Wherever God lead within the CST please – ha! clearly been living in AL too long


  • Loves the Lord, really (growing) – All of us agree
  • Tender, good caretaker of his wife – Courtney
  • Stays home 3 days a week – Larson
  • Cooks, cleans – Courtney
  • Likes kids – Izzy
  • Supports my passion for youth / young girls ministry  – Izzy
  • HAPPY – Courtney

Things You Need to Know About Lindsey


She is passionate about serving others.

She is selfless.

She has mentored over 75 young girls.



She calls up people and offers to babysit – so their marriages stay strong. She is the Baby Whisperer, Super Nanny  and Mary Poppins combined.



She is getting her masters in divinity.

She is crazy about Alabama football. So is her awesome family.


She is extremely disciplined and goal oriented.

She is designed to be a terrific helpmate and truly helps others reach their goals – a husband’s dream.




She is funny, carefree and joyful.

She is ahem – gorgeous.

She is open to moving wherever the Lord wants her.


How to contact her? You have to go through me. 🙂 I am the filter for her first communication and dates. Email me at


If you want to participate in Show Us Your Singles – go to Kelly’s site this Friday.

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  1. Aww! I love Lindsey!! Im a single gal in Bham also and a friend just showed me Kelly’s Korner for the first time and I was clicking through the link-ups. Lindsey looks precious and please tell her another single girl in her city is praying right this second that she finds a wonderful, caring man for her life! Great representation of, clearly, a person very dear to you!

    1. Thanks for the sweet words…and the prayers! Returning them on your behalf as well. So fun that you are in Birmingham too!

  2. I’m not a single guy (Sorry Izzy) but I am linking up from Kelly’s Korner because I saw you were from BHAM. (I’m an Auburn grad, living in DC with my husband) Our plan is to one day move to Birmingham.

    You are adorable and I hope you turn out to be one of Kelly’s success stories. 🙂 Best wishes, seems like you are a catch and will make a wonderful wife!

  3. Wow, Court. You’ve always been one of my biggest cheerleaders…and now I know who to call if I ever need a recommendation! Still can’t believe this is actually on the blog, but I love you too much to be mad.

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