Small Steps Equal Big Change


After a few years, I am noticing a unique bond in our community. The readers that come to Lil Light O’ Mine – you are much like me. You aren’t comfortable with sitting. You like to make a difference. And you love to work together. And God typically shows up and blows the doors off each effort. It is SO incredible to watch little lights shine really bright – you reflect His light in a beautiful way. You simply start something and the rest is up to Him. You invite your friends. You bring your kids and it is so encouraging to watch. Thanks for sharing your stories with me. It truly humbles me each time. I wish we were neighbors, because I’d go every time.

Enjoy this beautiful tale from my sweet friend Courtney Westlake. 


Small Steps Equal Big Change

by Courtney Westlake


All it took was for my best friend’s mom to mention that a local charity (which serves the poorest of the poor in our community) had some funding cut and would no longer be able to provide needs to their clients like toilet paper. And suddenly, my group of friends jumped on board to host a huge fundraiser to collect toilet paper for them.


In our first year, our “TP the Town” event collected $2,400 cash and more than SIX THOUSAND rolls of toilet paper!

TP group

As my friends and I plan our second “TP the Town,” it has opened my eyes to the way that ordinary moms really can do extraordinary things, especially together. We can be world-changers simply by working together to make small differences.


I think we, as moms, often feel like all we do is give, give and give some more – errands again? dinner again? baseball practice again? potty again??!!


But what a change in this world we could make if, at times, we focused a little less on giving to our kids and instead focused more on teaching them about giving.


I used to think I had to do something BIG in order to make an impact in this world. I wanted to help in a Big Way.


But over time, I realized that using my time and personal talents and even a small amount of resources (within budget!). I really am helping in a big way, if I am answering God’s calling on my heart. I’m showing Him to the world in a Big Way. And if, as a mom, I include my children in these callings, I can teach them firsthand and very personally about living in purpose for God.



As a small group, my friends and I have put together “care packs” for low-income children at an after-school program. We have compiled goodies in Christmas stockings and party supplies for birthday parties for homeless children at a local shelter.


We have made dinner for a women’s homeless shelter, where we bonded with those women and exchanged recipes with them. We have handed the basic need of toilet paper to people who cannot afford it. And we have done it all with our children beside us, helping and watching.


Giving with our friends and with our children doesn’t feel like giving at all – instead of draining us, it fills our hearts with love, and it encourages us to step into the shoes of people all of our community and our world…and in their shoes, we can see how we’re all in this together, for Him.


How has God nudged you to be a spark in your town?

How can your group of friends make a big difference in small ways?

How have you invited your kids into serving your community?


Connect with Courtney at Blessed by Brenna

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  1. This is beautiful. My oldest is about to be 4 and I’m really looking forward to doing some of these things with him!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing our experiences – you have inspired me so much as a mother and in so many ways, and I only hope that by sharing some of these ideas, others will also be moved! We are all working together to ignite change and live for Christ!

  3. Go on! You are leading the way, Courtney W., with this effort. Giving is contagious and who knows what other acts of kindness will grow from this effort. Thanks for sharing your story.

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