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So… I’m moving.

(Written on Friday, December 2 by Courtney)

 Hey LLOM fans, friends, people… we need a better name than that later. I have a little something to tell you.




I obviously couldn’t tell you anything the last 5 months because we needed my husband to stay employed if it didn’t work out.

My husband just accepted an amazing opportunity in Orlando with a new company and we are um, moving in about six weeks. I am in the flippin Ritz Carlton without kids on a house hunting trip where I should be sleeping beautifully in this plush bed and I can’t quit crying.

Let me back you up.

I have lived in Atlanta MY ENTIRE LIFE except for the 4 years I went to the loveliest village on the plains for college.

We have BOTH sets of parents in Atlanta. We have ALL of our siblings and their spouses in Atlanta.


Now, I can’t see the computer from tears as I type this.

My only nephew is in Atlanta and my precious second nephew could come out any second as I type this. If I miss it. I’m going to die.

(He was born since then and I didn’t miss it – sweet baby Graham).


I have about 7,500 hundred friends and the greatest neighbors ever.

I know every back road and coffee shop and precious boutique.

I know the name of every Publix person and barista and cookie lady.

My best friend and my girl’s best friends simply do life together almost every day and text approximately 1,200 characters per day.

I can’t type too much about this or I won’t make it any further.



I love sweet tea, great seasons in weather, brick, oak trees, hard wood floors and big bows.

I love Andy Stanley, my small group and my church.

HOWEVER, I love my husband and my Savior more than all that.


And, this has been 5 months working on my heart. I feel this is what WE should do as a family. With gratitude and a happy heart, we should take an adventure. We should THANK the LORD for this great chance for Ron to do this at such a young age. We should THANK the LORD that he has continued to open the door through diligent prayers of us and MANY MANY friends and family through this path. We should rest in the truth that His plan is greater than Atlanta and comfort. We should say HOORAY for two little girls living a dream in the Magic Kingdom. We are a team and we can do this together.

You better believe this is hard for both of us.

Take these babies from their grandparents? Just kick me in the depths of my heart right now.


But God knows why this is happening and how we’ll work through this. I am thankful they are all retired! He knows Orlando has something for our family and maybe it needs us or maybe we need it. Maybe I need a dose of dependence on HIM. I’ve had it REALLY good. Most moms don’t get the kind of help I’ve had. Maybe I’m going there to relate with many of you better? Get thrown in the deep end with kids and learn how to do it by myself with the constant help of precious grandmothers.


In one of the most profound movies of all time, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, it tells us a very important lesson:

“The man is the head of the house, but the woman is the neck.

She can move them whichever way she wants!”

I laugh and you laugh because it’s true. If Ron woke up from the snore fest over there right now and saw this snotty mess of a face. He would change his mind. He would say we are not going. I know I have that power. However, that’s the worst mistake I could make. God has made that clear to me over all else in this process. If He wants this, we are going. He’s not after fame and fortune. The story is too long to explain about his current situation and all the reasons this makes sense. I trust him. I married the precious man after all.

I also trust my Heavenly Father and He had 5 months to shut this door and it keeps opening wider and wider. It doesn’t take the pain or the fear or the tears away. It’s going to be scary and hard and lonely. However, I think there are GREAT blessings on the other side of this for all of us involved.


So, how can you help? If you think we are crazy and family comes first – don’t comment on that. You’ll just add salt to a bleeding heart.

I would just love scripture and prayers. Arm me with God’s word and promises so I can cling to truth in the days ahead as I am packing up and trying to stay brave. As I try not to look my mom and sister and Katie and Ashley and Joy and nephews and neighbors in the face. And, protect my heart as the hurtful comments do come that we are crazy.

I love my husband and we love the Lord.


We trust Him with our lives.

And, I’ll learn to love a blazing sun year round and a lot of stucco. 🙂

And, I guess this will kick start my diet/exercise since I’ll be half-naked due to heat.

 (Re-reading this now on December 12 – it’s definitely been confirmed for us over and over again and we are so sure. The above is a bit dramatic but honest for where I was that night. You would think we are moving to the Middle East. I had to go ahead and post the real version. And, honestly, those emotions aren’t gone. They creep back in and probably will throughout this process.)

NOTE: The photos are from all over the place and all years. Do you know how far back you have to go to get all four of us in a shot and smiling?  

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  1. Thank you for writing this. I’m kind of in the same boat. Longing to be home, to be near family and familiarity but not able to because of my husband’s job. Trusting God that I’m where I need to be has been so hard & I long to be able to find peace and happiness where we are. Thank you for your words. They were timely for me today (even though this post is almost 3 years old!)

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