Courtney DeFeo


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Courtney is a frequent speaker at women’s conferences and parenting events around the country. She is so honored to be asked to come to your event. Speaking engagements are on a limited basis during this season of life. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Courtney’s Bio

Courtney DeFeo is most known for being a factory of ideas for families and leaders. As a former marketing professional for Chick-fil-A, Courtney has a history of creating memorable programs and products. She is the author of the books In This House, We Will Giggle and Treasured. Courtney encouraging moms wherever possible and serving on the board of Lighthouse Family Retreat and For Girls Like You. Her most honorable mention is her husband Ron and their two wildly fun girls (Ella, 16 and Larson, 13). They reside in the DFW area and love to consume table-side guacamole. Connect with Courtney at 


Hearing Courtney DeFeo give a message is like connecting with a dear, beloved friend you haven’t seen in years and discovering a new dynamic and practical speaker all at the same time. She has a knack for connecting instantly with an audience, making them feel comfortable and important while presenting truths of scripture that will impact their life and warm their soul. Her warm, encouraging, girlfriend style draws people in, enabling real life change to occur that will greatly impact a women’s walk with God. Highly recommended!”
Karen Ehman
New York Times best-selling author, Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker, and director of the Speaker track at She Speaks Conferences
“Courtney is a rare blend of fun and wisdom. She’ll have you laughing one moment and then saying, “Yes, me too” the next. She engages with authenticity and points people to Jesus. She is a joy to work with and I cannot recommend her high enough!”
Steve Giddens
Director of Group Life, Buckhead Church
Courtney DeFeo was a breath of ‘real’ air when she spoke with our MOPS group of over 150 members. Moms were laughing and crying simultaneously while being filled with wisdom of Gods plan for their homes. Courtney brings an honest and upbeat message to moms of the importance of laughter and grace in motherhood while fully relying on God for strength. I was so refreshing as Courtney spoke to watch the shoulders in the room relax and  smiles fill the faces of moms who are just happy to have made it out of the house with shoes and a bra on that morning…she speaks directly to moms right where they are!  She is relevant , she is inspiring, and she is spirit filled!”
mom and MOPS leader